A set of programs for the computer. LiberKey

Have you ever thought or dreamed of having all the small but very important and useful programs for every occasion. And so that these programs are portable and can fit, for example, in the memory of a USB flash drive? Then such an idea has already been implemented in a very interesting and useful application. This is a set of computer programs. LiberKey is a virtual container containing many portable applications. All software is carefully selected and can be used anywhere and anytime.

Program Suite for Windows

Computer Suite - LiberKey

This utility is a real storehouse of important and useful tools for any user. Everything you need is here. These are real functional programs that can solve a list of tasks for users of the Windows operating system. And the list of programs is constantly growing. There are already about 300 of them at the time of publication of the review! And it’s not over yet. The set of programs for Windows is constantly evolving and replenished with new useful utilities, carefully selected and recognized by the Internet society. Among them, there are already popular ones, for example, CPU-Z, XnView, Opera and Mozilla FireFox mobile browsers, SearchMyFiles and others.

A set of programs for work

LiberKey is a collection of valuable free programs and utilities

In addition to entertainment, there is a need to improve efficiency at work, especially for those who work at a computer for long hours or work related to maintaining a PC. In our case, the container of portable programs and utilities LiberKey is a real suitcase of digital tools. In fact, this is a set of programs for work, since it contains the best portable and free software for working on a computer running on the popular Windows platform. It is multilingual.

LiberKey software suite

The list of programs is updated thanks to the work of users and developers of various utilities. Everything that eventually passes the test of people and receives positive ratings is considered by the creators of this program and eventually added to the container. In order to install any of the set of programs, you need to download LiberKey from the official source and run the installation. Links are provided below. Install the program in any folder. The main program can be launched both from a shortcut on the desktop, and from the start of the LiberKey.exe executable file from the folder where the program was installed.

The interface has a very nice “cartoon” design. The program selection menu provides a choice of three sets, each of which contains its own list (Basic, Standard and Ultimate suite). Also, each of the applications in the list can be installed separately. All installed applications can be controlled from the main LiberKey panel. The list of installed utilities is presented as a hierarchical list, divided into categories. It is very comfortable. All applications are controlled by one main LiberKey application, which makes this program especially valuable.

In order to fully work and evaluate all the advantages of this software, you need to install and try it.

Download LiberKey suite

Once you install the program, you get a whole set of useful utilities in one package. You can download the LiberKey software suite from the links in the download area below, leading to the developer’s web page. Then you need to run the installation file, select the installation folder and complete the procedure. After that, you can run the LiberKey program and select those utilities from the list that are available in the set and you need at the moment.

The list of applications is quite large, so it makes no sense to publish it all here. Here are some of them: CCleaner, Blender, WinSCP, DesktopOK, VLC media player and others. Perhaps you already know them?

A set of computer programs. LiberKey




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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