Aging the photo. XnRetro Program

When working with photographs, sometimes you have to resort to such an effect as aging. An aged photograph looks stylish, especially when the atmosphere is emphasized past centuries and imprints of the influence of time. And if you throw away the work in professional editors, such as Adobe Photoshop, and resort to simple free applications and process the image in a couple of minutes, then such an application already exists. Thanks to him, you can very quickly age the photo. XnRetro is a free app to give your photos and images a retro look.

Aging Photo

As you understand from the above, you can age a photo by resorting to a simple XnRetro application. Aging photos are given the desired effects by filters and special algorithms superimposed on the original image. But what is retro style? In fact, this is an imitation of past years of life and giving an age to an object or picture. The same can be done with an ordinary modern photograph by processing it on a personal computer, giving it the effect of old age. You can make your photo look old on universal graphic editors and special ones created specifically for this purpose. Just the XnRetro program was created specifically for this purpose. And you can use it absolutely free.

XnRetro photo aging program

The developer of this application specializes in the development of various software, especially graphics software, such as XnSketch. But the main topic of this review is still the task of aging a photo using a special XnRetro program.

This software is specially designed for all PC users running Windows, MacOS and Linux operating systems. The photo and picture editor gives all images an aged effect or retro style. How is it done?

There are several lighting modes in the XnRetro program set, namely 15! There are also 20 color modes, 30 overlay options for various frames, vignettes and other interesting effects. You can use the image adjustment sliders to achieve a more precise result. Among them are settings for Gamma, Brightness and Contrast, RGB channel levels, Vignetting, Exposure, Saturation, Noise and  Glow transparency. With one click of the Reset button, you can return the original photo or picture to its original state.

By adding effects and adjusting settings, you can create a unique look for retro photography and save it to your computer. But, in order to use this software, you need to download it to your PC.

Download XnRetro

To use this application, you must download it for your version of the operating system. Use the links to the official source from the download area and download the one that suits you. After downloading the XnRetro program to your device, unpack it and run it. Through the program menu, open your photo and edit it to your liking, giving the photo aging effects. Save the edited image in the new retro style and, for example, post it on social networks or email it to your friends.

Age a photo. XnRetro Program




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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