Autorun programs. Download the Autoruns utility.

Many people are concerned about a frequently occurring question in Windows OS – this is the autorun of programs. In order to get quick access to the list of programs running in the tray, just download the Autoruns utility. Thanks to this small program, you can get the entire list of programs that run during boot and logon to the Windows operating system. We often do not control this process, but in order to determine which software is automatically loaded, a special monitor is needed.

Autorun Windows programs.

If you don’t already know, you will be very surprised that a large number of programs, including utilities, start automatically. Many of them come with the operating system already installed. Autostart of Windows programs occurs after the computer is turned on at the time the system boots. This also applies to third-party applications, such as Opera, Google Chrome, AutoHotkey and others. These programs are probably needed in the work. At the same time, when an indefinite number of uncontrolled applications are launched, this can interfere with work. Especially when RAM resources are limited. For such control, a simple but very functional utility will help a lot. You can download the Autoruns utility from the links below.

Autoruns utility.

Autoruns Autorunner

The Autoruns utility itself is a small application that will allow you to monitor running programs, system processes and services. Despite its size, this is a very advanced and functional application. It can reveal and show even deep processes that go far beyond the capabilities of its counterparts. The list of features of the Autoruns utility includes viewing registries, executable DLLs, load execution images, image hooks, and more.

In order to disable any of the autorun entries, just uncheck the corresponding checkbox (tick). If the autorun configuration entry needs to be deleted, you can select “delete” from the menu or click the corresponding button in the toolbar.

The Autoruns package also includes a command-line equivalent. It can output lists in CSV format.

If we missed something in this review, then the internal reference contains all the instructions necessary for work.

Thanks to the Autoruns utility, autorun programs in the Windows system will always be under control!

Autorun programs. Download the Autoruns utility.


Autoruns program



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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