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The Internet has seeped into our lives and soaked through everything. Of course, this is an allegory. But, if you look, then all modern youth no longer see themselves without access to the global network. And this is not because everyone works on the Internet, but because we are experiencing a hunger for information. If earlier everyone had fun reading books or looking out the window, today we read articles in the browser or watch Youtube. And today, each such modern user accumulates so many interesting and important sources that it is difficult or simply impossible to remember them. There is an urgent task of organizing and maintaining links. Yes, this is bookmark storage. The free program Biniware Run will help us all organize all the important url links like the shelves of a library!

Storing browser bookmarks

Biniware Run is a program for storing bookmarks and links in a convenient place

Of course, confident users will say that there is a standard ability to store browser bookmarks. But, delving into this topic, you can see a lot of inconveniences and disadvantages. They are just hard to sort, filter and trite to find what you need right now. Therefore, the developer of Biniware Run once had the idea to create an improved independent tool. One that will make it easier to store and sort your bookmarks. Now let’s understand this free software.

Biniware Run Bookmarking Program

So what can Biniware Run portable bookmarking software do? It turns out that this application is a universal tool for storing all the links where the user most often accesses. This applies not only to browser links (links to websites and various sources of information on the Internet), but also to internal links to folders and files.

This is a portable utility. After downloading Biniware Run, just run it. After starting the program, a red circle with a tail should appear on the monitor screen on top of all windows, which can be dragged with the mouse cursor. In order to save the browser link and make it a bookmark, you need to grab it with the mouse cursor and drag it into a circle. The same can be done with links to Windows folders and any files. By simple drag and drop. When you click with the left mouse button, the hierarchy of links is called up in the form in which you saved them.

If you right-click on the circle of a running program, you will see a context menu with the items: “configuration”, “restart” and “quit”. Accordingly, the configuration item allows you to customize the appearance. You can also configure and organize the storage of all links in subfolders, which can be created on the fly directly from Biniware Run. The functionality has a built-in ability to configure hot keys. And in order to appreciate all the charms of the program, you need to download it and run it on your PC.

Download Biniware Run

The application does not require installation. That is, this software is portable, and it can be run even from a USB flash drive. It is enough to download Biniware Run from the official page of the developer’s site using the links from the download area and run it on your computer, or laptop. Please note that the PC requires .NET Framework 4.5 or .NET 6.0 pre-installed. During the download, select your version, download and run. That’s it.

This software works on almost all versions of the Windows operating system, namely: from 7 to 11, and on server Windows from 2008 to 2022.

Bookmark storage. Free Biniware Run


Biniware Run - Context Menu Biniware Run - links and bookmarks Biniware Run - hierarchy and organization of bookmarks and links



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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