Broadcasting software OBS Studio

Very often, game reviewers, video bloggers or vloggers have to show their screen, namely what is happening on it. For this purpose, dedicated streaming applications are ideal. The broadcasting software OBS Studio is just right for this purpose. It is absolutely free and free open source software. It is known in certain circles as Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS for short.

Screen Sharer

So, as we have already understood, the OBS Studio broadcasting application is a screen sharing program. It is the screen of a personal computer monitor. Thanks to it, you can stream video and sound directly from your PC online. Video and audio streams are captured and mixed in real time. If there are many different sources, then a smooth transition can be configured between them. The audio mixer has various built-in tools (such as noise reduction and gain) and a variety of filters. VST plugins are also supported by this software. From the screen, you can broadcast an unlimited number of scenes, smoothly switching between them.

Screen Casting Software

With the OBS Studio streaming software, you can fully control the streaming from the user’s PC screen by switching and managing scenes. In studio mode, you can preview sources and scenes before broadcasting and broadcasting to the network. Thus, the operator can see in advance what his audience does not see. Everything superfluous can always be cut off or simply not shown.

Video streaming software

OBS Studio is a program for streaming video or a program for broadcasting scenes from the screen. All scenes are pre-created on a PC. Naturally, the user takes on the development of the script, as well as directing and camera functions. Everything must be thought out in advance. Live from pre-prepared scenes, video and audio content is created that every viewer will see. Installation takes place literally on the fly. But, with all this, all tools will be open for such installation, which greatly help to do it professionally and efficiently.

Video capture can occur from webcams and various video cards. Live streaming can take place on YouTube, Twitch, DailyMotion, Mixer, Smashcast and other platforms. Naturally, in order to take full advantage of the functionality of the program and see all the available features, you need to download and install it. This can be done using the links below.

Download OBS Studio Broadcasting Software

The open source OBS Studio software can be downloaded from the download section of the links from the official website. By the way, this software can run on the most popular platforms: Windows, MacOs and Linux. Choose your version of the program and download it. Then install on a personal computer or laptop. The free broadcasting software OBS Studio is your trusted e-streaming partner for your live broadcasts and demos over the Internet.

Broadcasting software OBS Studio


OBS Studio Broadcast Tool OBS Studio - settings OBS Studio Workstation



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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