Calculator free download. SpeedCrunch

If you often sit at the computer and count something, then you probably just need to download the Calculator for free. SpeedCrunch is a super accurate algebraic, scientific and engineering calculator all rolled into one! Accessible from a conventional keyboard, the user interface of the electronic calculator very accurately and quickly calculates any combination of numbers entered.

Of the useful goodies, I would like to note the syntax highlighting. That is, if formulas or operations are entered incorrectly, the user will immediately see an error highlighted in a different color.

It will also be important to indicate the existence of a history of entered operations. All entered previous counts can always be viewed in the interface.

For lovers of old-fashioned ways to enter numbers, it is possible to turn on a virtual keyboard.

In addition, perhaps the most basic important difference between the free calculator SpeedCrunch

will be its great power. It has more than eighty mathematical (algebraic) functions built into it. In truth, the bit depth is far ahead of classic calculators, since it has 50 bits! Additionally, popup context menus and tooltips complement and enhance the user experience incredibly well.

One hundred and fifty built-in constants related to the natural disciplines are included in a special library of books containing a large number of formulas.

You can use this program for calculations in various fields, including scientific and engineering areas. We can say that this is a great alternative to the usual calculator built into the operating system.

Free Calculator App

And further. SpeedCrunch is an open source application under the GPL license. And that means it’s free! The free application is cross-platform (Windows, Linux and MacOs) and multilingual (including all the most popular languages, as well as Ukrainian and Russian). There are two versions for the Windows system – installation and portable. Portable can be carried on removable media, for example, on a flash drive or disk.

Download calculator app

And finally, now it remains to download the SpeedCrunch calculator application. This can be done using the download links in the downloads section of this page. By downloading this software product and running it on your PC, you can master it and use it as a full-fledged replacement for the usual standard calculation program.

Calculator free download. SpeedCrunch


SpeedCrunch calculator Free Powerful SpeedCrunch Calculator



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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