Category Multimedia

The Multimedia section contains software designed to work with video, audio and graphic files, as well as their combination. The programs contained in this section are designed for users of PCs and other devices that support these applications.

SwatchBooker color palette software


In the world of design and artistic creation, color plays an important role. Color palettes help designers, artists, and other professionals choose and organize colors for their projects. However, managing and editing color palettes…

Free GIMP Graphic Editor for Everyone


There are many professional tools in the world of graphic design and photo editing, but they are often expensive and out of reach for most people. However, there is one excellent and free solution…

Comic Seer: comic book reader

Comic Seer

Comics are an integral part of the world of entertainment and art, and many people enjoy reading compelling stories expressed in comic book format. However, with the rise in popularity of digital comics, it…

PNG compression program PngOptimizer


To cut to the chase, PngOptimizer PNG compression tool can help any PC user to reduce PNG file size without compromising image quality. In this article, we will look at the main functions of…

Program for changing the sound Audio Pitch And Shift

Audio Pitch And Shift

To work with sound and audio files, you often have to use various technologies, methods, and, in particular, digital products. You can process sound files using professional and expensive software products, but if you…