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Virtual planetarium: WinStars 3 program

WinStars 3

In the modern world, when experimental space exploration is still limited in scope and accessible only to a narrow circle of specialists, virtual planetariums are becoming more and more popular among astronomy lovers. They…

SwatchBooker color palette software


In the world of design and artistic creation, color plays an important role. Color palettes help designers, artists, and other professionals choose and organize colors for their projects. However, managing and editing color palettes…

Free GIMP Graphic Editor for Everyone


There are many professional tools in the world of graphic design and photo editing, but they are often expensive and out of reach for most people. However, there is one excellent and free solution…

Comic Seer: comic book reader

Comic Seer

Comics are an integral part of the world of entertainment and art, and many people enjoy reading compelling stories expressed in comic book format. However, with the rise in popularity of digital comics, it…

Winstep Nexus: MacOS Style Taskbar

Winstep Nexus

In the world of Windows operating systems, there are many different applications that allow you to customize the appearance of the desktop and improve the user experience. One such application is Winstep Nexus, which…

DC++ File Sharing Program


Being on a local network or surfing the Internet, sometimes there is a need for file sharing among users. You can do this in various ways, but it is best when you have a…