Category System

This section contains programs and utilities designed to improve the operation of the system and hardware, as well as other technical tasks, including monitoring and control.

Snappy Driver Installer Free Driver Updater

Snappy Driver Installer

Today, personal computers and various gadgets, including laptops, netbooks, tablets, etc., are everyday routine. And yet, for them to function properly, it is necessary to have fresh drivers installed correctly. Drivers are software that…

DC++ File Sharing Program


Being on a local network or surfing the Internet, sometimes there is a need for file sharing among users. You can do this in various ways, but it is best when you have a…

Program to run programs at a given time RunAsDate


In the information technology world, there are many tools that help us automate everyday tasks and increase our efficiency. One such tool is the RunAsDate program. In this article, we will consider the capabilities…

PC microphone mute program MicSwitch


When playing games online or chatting via Skype, it is quite common to quickly mute the microphone. In some cases, this is difficult and time consuming to do, and in others it is almost…

Windows Touch Screen Tester IsMyTouchScreenOK


With the development and production of touch screens, ordinary people have a need to check their performance, quality and the presence of defects. This utility is an effective way to test your LCD/Plasma monitor…