Computer characteristics CPU-Z utility

Often, many users of the Windows operating system are concerned about the issue of completing their computer. What parts and what manufacturers does a PC consist of? This requires special software. The CPU-Z computer characteristics program is one of those that can easily show all the main devices on the monitor screen. The so-called iron, without which a computer simply cannot exist.

Computer characteristics. CPU-Z utility

So. We need the characteristics of the computer. The CPU-Z utility is a free yet powerful tool. It collects all the necessary information about the main components and connected devices that make up a single whole of a personal computer. All data is divided into groups and arranged in the form of program tabs.

Main characteristics of the computer

Each tab provides the main characteristics of the computer, namely each of the details. The main characteristics of the computer will be PC components. The so-called “iron”.

Computer components

CPU. A tab that contains information about the processor. It displays: the name and number of the processor, the process itself, code name, package, specifications, cache levels, speed characteristics and other parameters.

Motherboard. It contains the following information: board name, brand, version and release date, as well as chipset (chipset) specifications.

Memory and SPD. This tab contains all the necessary basic information about RAM and characteristics of electronic boards.

Graphics. The video card is one of the main details along with the above. It performs a number of functions, thanks to which there is an instant calculation and modeling of graphic information with its display on the monitor screen. It also contains all the summary data, including the name, model and brand of the manufacturer, as well as technical parameters.

Bench. A tab with the ability to test and measure the internal frequencies of the processor and memory with and without load. The measurements will be carried out taking into account the choice of technologies.

Download CPU-Z

You can download and install the Windows version on your PC from the links provided in the download section. Select the required version, download and run the installation file. Run the program. Please note that the official page provides both classic and custom versions, as well as all previous variations.

In addition, there is a utility specially created to obtain information about the processor of devices running on the Android OS. They can also be downloaded from the links below.

Summing up, I would like to say that this is a compact and quite powerful, informative application. It is able to compete with paid counterparts.

Computer characteristics CPU-Z utility


CPU-Z Computer Characterization Tool



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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