Computer shutdown program. Download sTray

We are constantly trying to improve and improve something. We need embellishments for our electronic computing devices or various accelerators, amplifiers, etc. If we are talking about a personal computer that is familiar to us, running on Windows, then here we want to expand its potential capabilities with various utilities. For example, in order to quickly turn off the PC, we may need a special program to turn off the computer. You can download sTray from the links below. This is exactly the utility that will speed up access to some simple Windows functions and commands. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Windows shutdown program

sTray computer shutdown program

It would seem, why do we need such a program if there is a standard function to turn off the PC through the “Start” button? And the answer lies in simple situations. The developer of the Windows shutdown program sTray gives an example of those cases when you have to turn off the computer through RDP remote access – Microsoft Remote Desktop. And there are no familiar commands to restart and shut down the Start menu, although it seems strange. Naturally, you can call the command line and press Alt + F4. But why know this and why do it every time? This is at least inconvenient. In addition, there are situations when some programs block the ability to directly access the shutdown, restart and sleep functions. Then, in this case, a small Windows shutdown program, the sTray utility, can be very useful.

sTray computer shutdown program

This small application does not require installation and will be available in the running state from the tray. No wonder it is called sTray as conceived by the author for a dense association with tray and system opportunities, even if they are small. The buttons that will be available can be customized.

sTray has buttons to Power Off, Restart, Change User, Sign Out, Lock, Sleep, Hibernate, Turn Off Monitor, Start Screen Saver, and Switch Default printer“. Also, using the options, you can enable and disable each of the buttons for display in quick access. If you want the utility to start with Windows, then you need to check the box in the “Enabled” state. To activate the call to sTray with the left mouse button, you must also enable this function through the options.

It’s very convenient. At a minimum, this program will save time and expand the possibilities for any of the users to save time.

Download PC shutdown program

As mentioned above, the sTray application does not require installation. This simple utility is portable, which means it can be run from anywhere. Even from removable media! It is enough to download the PC shutdown program on the Windows platform, unpack it into any of folders and run. Download links are in the download area. This is a direct source of files from the developer himself. You don’t have to worry about your safety, but always check any files periodically before launching.

sTray works on almost all versions of Widnows. In case of any problems related to the program, you can always go to the developer’s forum and discuss.

Computer shutdown program. Download sTray


sTray - computer shutdown program



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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