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Thanks to the monitor screen or, in particular, the display, we can interact with a computer, tablet or smartphone. On it, processes that are understandable to us are practically displayed and visualized in the form of images and videos (constantly changing frames). We see a whole image due to the combination of all the luminous pixels on the screen at the same time. A pixel is a unit of measure for screen resolution. This is an indivisible bitmap object that has dimensions, its place (horizontal and vertical address), color, brightness, etc. This is a colored dot on the screen. And so, it happens that some pixels may not work properly. As a result, we will see foreign luminous or dark dots on the screen. Just in such cases, the program for checking dead pixels InjuredPixels can help. With this free utility, you can check the entire display for broken screen dots.

Checking the monitor for dead pixels

InjuredPixels dead pixel checker

To test any screen, it is enough to have at hand a tool for checking the display for dead pixels. We are talking about any display, including mobile gadgets. Such a need may arise when buying a new device or when the user notices problems on the screen. In this case, you can prepare in advance. The first way. It is necessary to create contrasting monochrome pictures of different colors. For example, red background, green, blue, black and white. Then save them to a flash drive or removable card memory and run on the device under test. Scrolling through the pictures, you can test pixels on backgrounds of different colors. The inconvenience is that raster images have their own sizes and proportions. On a screen with a different resolution, the picture may not occupy all the space. Accordingly, it will be possible to test only the part on which the colored background will glow. The second way. Testing with a special program. For example, this is checking the monitor for broken pixels using the free InjuredPixels program, in which the proportions and screen sizes do not play a role.

Program for checking dead pixels

Using the InjuredPixels utility, you can test your screen with any color. This is a simple portable and free application. The control panel is as simple as possible. To determine the presence of dead pixels (dead, hot or stuck), just download and run this program. The InjuredPixels menu for Windows consists of a set of contrasting standard colors (white, black, red, green, blue) and one color to choose from. You can choose any color available in the standard color scale. In addition, it is possible to display the cursor over the background and enable the mode for the touch screen. You can also set a random display of colors from a pre-prepared set. Changing backgrounds is done by mouse click or arrow keys on the keyboard. The application is exited by pressing the Esc key and selecting Quit, or by simply pressing the letter “Q”. The Android version is controlled by finger touch. In order to try to repair dead pixels, there is a separate free program from the same developer called PixelHealer.

Download InjuredPixels tool for dead pixels

To check your monitor display with the program, you need to download the utility for checking broken pixels InjuredPixels from the links from the developer’s website. The links are in the downloads area. There are several versions of the program: an installation version, a portable version, and an HTML version that can be launched with Internet Explorer. Windows versions work on all versions from XP to 11. To download InjuredPixels for Android, you need to go to the Google Play Market and enter the name of the program into the search. That’s all. Test your screen conveniently and for free.

InjuredPixels dead pixel checker


Any background can be customized in InjuredPixels



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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