Desktop extension. SideSlide Utility

Real gamers probably don’t recognize this, but the computer was designed for more than just gaming. First of all, a computer is designed to work and perform various tasks. Today it is impossible to imagine an office without a PC and monitors. All these elements of office equipment are fundamental. With the help of computers, sales, processing of accounting documents, development of software and printing of documentation, and work on the Internet take place. The first thing every employee, coming to the office, turns on the car. The familiar desktop appears on the monitor screen. It all starts with him. And you know what? The desktop space can be improved, enlarged and upgraded functionally! How? To do this, there is a special program – desktop extension. The SideSlide utility will greatly enhance the monitor screen desktop in Winodws.

SideSlide Desktop Extension

SideSlide Desktop Extension

This is a fairly functional application that can add virtual space to your desktop. You have a chance to turn your screen desktop into an efficient space. The SideSlide desktop extension attaches to any edge of the screen. This gives you the ability to add icons, labels, folders, URL links, favorite RSS feeds, important bookmarks, work notes and reminders. All this can be placed in special virtual containers that can be compressed, stretched, arranged and simply collapsed in the workspace. All pieces of web information can be dragged from the browser to the SideSlide workspace

Desktop notes

Desktop notes as containers

It’s very common to take notes and reminders in the form of sticky colored notes. We usually write something important on them. And in order not to forget and fulfill the tasks set for ourselves, we place them in sight in the workplace. As a rule, if it concerns work, then around the workspace. Working on your PC with SideSlide, you can create as many notes and reminders as you want! The program allows you to flexibly customize them, including size, design and functionality itself. All this is implemented using special places for storing any information in the form of special containers.

Desktop bookmarks

Just like with notes, the situation is with storing bookmarks for various resources. These can be links to local files folders, programs, as well as any Internet resources, links to channels and more. To do this, just drag the link or shortcut to a specially created container and save it there. This is very convenient, which saves a lot of time.

Containers on desktop

Workplace organization is a real skill. The better everything is organized in the workplace, the easier it is to get access to certain tools. The same applies to the desktop monitor screen in the Windows operating system. Thanks to SideSlide, you can add any elements available in the program to the desktop and additional panels. Using the settings, you can add any kind of object and save it in the desired state. A container is an expandable region of space desktop. We can say that this is a mini window within a window. The shape of the container in collapsed and expanded form can be customized to your liking. Options allow you to flexibly customize any container. In order to evaluate all the possibilities, you need to download the program and run it on your PC. Details about all the features of SideSlide can be found on the developer’s website. You can also download container themes. All links are in the download area.

Download SideSlide Desktop Extension

In order to use the program, you need to install it on your PC and run it. The application will hang in the tray, and it will also be pinned to one side of the screen. There is also a portable version. You can download the SideSlide desktop extension from the developer’s website. The links are in the downloads area below. This software will allow any user to optimize their virtual office space and improve work efficiency. Works on all versions of Windows, from XP to 11.

Desktop extension. SideSlide Utility




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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