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Windows desktop programs are special applications that help you make your computer work more efficiently and give it a personal touch. In this article, we will look at several examples of such programs that you can install on your Windows desktop. Some utilities can literally empower the user. For example, virtual ruler or a magnifier can measure pixel distance or magnify drawing for a closer look.

Desktop – Windows programs

Desktop Software

As a rule, a separate category of desktop applications implies a list of specific small programs that work directly with the main window of the Windows operating system. Many of us have known each other for a long time. These are various screenmates like DesktopPlant or virtual potted plants , various gadgets and widgets on your desktop. Also, these are all kinds of decorations and jokes, such as DesktopSnowOK – snow effect or OK.It’s.Raining.Men – rain effect on desktop monitor screen. In addition, there are programs that work with wallpapers and shortcuts.

Free desktop software

Most of these programs are distributed free of charge as bonuses and goodies for users in order to attract attention or banal marketing. And yet, among such applications there are real masterpieces.

SideSlide – a program to expand the space of the Desktop in the form of virtual pockets or containers. Labels, documents, icons, folders, etc. can be placed in each such container, which makes this software a working electronic portfolio.

Using the utility Desktop Info by Glenn Delahoy you can output directly on the wallpaper system information and monitor performance.

The ZoomIt program makes it possible to draw directly on the desktop surface, as if on a virtual glass overlaid on top, changing fonts, colors, etc. It is very comfortable. Especially when you work with a touch screen.

Download desktop software

It makes no sense to list all such programs here. You can find and filter them by Tag: Desktop and get to know them from reviews. Any desktop program can be downloaded from the direct links provided at the bottom of each article. Links lead to the official resource pages of software developers. Most of the programs are time-tested and positively evaluated by users.

Desktop Programs

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