DesktopOK helps you change the size of your desktop icons

Working behind the screen of our PC, very often we have to deal with various kinds of tasks. In particular, with the location of icons or so-called icons on the desktop. Also, due to the change in the screen resolution of the monitor, the icons become not very convenient in size. DesktopOK helps you change the size of your desktop icons. This is a small utility that you can download and run on your device.

This program is especially useful for those users who often change the screen resolution. For example, when working with presentations on a laptop or projector screen, changing the resolution changes the position of the icons on the desktop. This is very difficult to get used to and every time you need to readjust. Just DesktopOK can arrange and remember the position of all the icons on the desktop for different resolutions. In addition, this utility is able to change the size of icons according to the individual wishes of the user.

Change the size of desktop icons

Using the functionality of the program, you can change the size of icons or icons on the desktop thanks to simple settings and save the changes. They can be made larger at higher resolutions and smaller at smaller resolutions. A nice bonus is the availability of additional features. For example, minimizing all windows or auto-hiding icons. In the “Tools” tab, you can find some additional “conveniences and usefulness” for working with the desktop.

How to make desktop icons smaller?

Naturally, in order to reduce icons or set their exact size, you need to go to Tools, then to Windows Metrics, agree that you are an expert and choose the size of icons (or icons) that suits you. Save changes.

By adding the DesktopOK desktop icon resizer utility to startup, you won’t need to run it again. It will start loading all versions of Windows, including 32-bit and 64-bit ones. The functionality for such a simple program is very powerful. Explore it by downloading from the links in the download area.

Download DesktopOK

In order to appreciate the full potential of the utility, you need to download and run it on your PC. You can download DesktopOK from the official website and choose the appropriate version. The free program is multilingual, portable and does not take up much space. This is a very functional tool that includes a set of necessary and useful tools that are so often lacking at hand for a simple user.

DesktopOK helps you change the size of your desktop icons


DesktopOK - utility for changing the order and size of desktop icons DesktopOK helps you change the size of your desktop icons DesktopOK desktop utility



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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