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The Internet is good. This is the result of the evolution of the human mind. Even the encyclopedia eventually migrated to the global network and is constantly developing in many languages ​​of the world. Civilization seeps into many corners of the Earth, but not all. There are still many places not covered by the Internet! And if you need, for example, to get encyclopedic information, then you will not get access to Wikipedia there. Although … This can be done in advance. How? Eureka! Download Wikipedia. Kiwix is ​​an application that can save any site offline on your device.

Download Wikipedia website

Indeed, this amazingly useful application can save copies of entire sites on your PC or Phone and use them from anywhere, anytime, even without the Internet. Indeed, Kiwix can choose to download Wikipedia in various versions (taking into account languages, with pictures, without pictures, by Headings and Scientific fields), Wiktionary, Cyclopedia, Wikiquote and others. In practice, the program makes it possible to access the accumulated and systematized knowledge on your computer, tablet or any other gadget.

Offline Wikipedia and Kiwix

All archived sites are stored in local files in compressed *zim format. It is convenient to store such files anywhere. On flash drives, DVDs, various kinds of gadgets, and simply on HDD or SSD disks. The saved version on the device in advance or Offline Wikipedia is contained in a compact file and can be deployed in a special Kiwix Reader browser. This browser works in much the same way as online browsers, only with ZIM files. A very big plus is that the application is constantly developing and distributed absolutely free.

In brief let’s summarize. Kiwix offline reader allows you to view all pages of a website, such as Wikipedia, with Photos, Sound files and Videos when there is no Internet. Thanks to the technologies of a high degree of compression of the saved files of local copies of sites, huge amounts of information are archived and are relatively small in size. It is known that after 2020, Wikipedia already had more than 6 million articles. In ZIM format, it weighs only 29 GB, but the dimensions may vary, taking into account the saved materials. By the way, you can use this resource to create files for offline copies of sites.

You can download Wikipedia offline and Kiwix Reader using the download links from this page. The program does not require installation. Just download and run the executable on your device. It’s all.

Download Wikipedia. Kiwix Reader


Download Wikipedia. Kiwix Reader



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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