Draw on the desktop with fire ink. Napalm

Even in the first decade of the twenty-first century, with the development of the computer industry, various joke programs for the desktop began to appear. Various screenmates, decorations, widgets, gadgets and enhancements made it possible to experiment and enliven the main screen of the Windows operating system. It was trendy and interesting. But today, some programs continue to work on the desktop and delight the eyes of users with various animated effects. For example, draw on the desktop with fire ink. Napalm is a free application that allows you to write and draw on the monitor screen directly on top of labels and icons.

Draw on desktop

Draw on desktop with Napalm fire ink

Today, some experimental programmers continue to create interesting applications that change the visual appearance of the Windows Home screen. But, today, perhaps, there are not many alternatives and options that can enliven the screen with fiery ink. You can draw on the desktop, for example, with ZoomIt. And not only to draw, but also to write. But you can also use the very effective Napalm program for drawing! It allows you to create burning drawings and inscriptions, as well as pictures with customizable flames. Here you can also upload any image that can also light up on the background of the main screen.

Draw on the Windows desktop

The author was inspired to create the free Napalm application by Compiz effects and plug-ins in a Linux environment called “Fire” or “Burn”. And it was decided to create something similar for the Windows operating system. You can draw on the Windows desktop with fire ink even in the 10th version (it has not been tested on the 11th, but it is likely that it will work). Using the mouse cursor after starting the program, you can start writing or creating arbitrary drawings. The settings menu will open additional options for the user.

Napalm Fire Ink

As you already understood, the application has some parameters with which you can adjust the display and animation of the fire of burning inscriptions. Those are pretty subtle settings. Here you can control the size of the flames, their shape, color, frequency and flicker. And much more. Napalm fire ink can burn on your desktop even when when you work on it. Also, the flame can be placed on top of all windows, and the fire tracks will fit very harmoniously into the overall environment.

Download desktop drawing program Napalm

Effective fire animation even today, at the time of publication of the review, looks very good. Support appears to have been discontinued, although the Napalm desktop drawing program can be downloaded from the official website. Links for downloading and the developer’s site are given below. Download the program to your PC and install using standard instructions. Once installed, launch Napalm and start drawing.




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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