Draw on the desktop. ZoomIt

Virtual space can be used in any way, as long as it is convenient. If you have to sit a lot at the screen of a personal computer, then sooner or later you will probably want to increase the efficiency of your work. With the help of small utilities, you can improve your work. For example, you can draw on the desktop. ZoomIt is an application that can empower a simple user. We will talk about this below.

Draw on desktop

We all know that the desktop of a monitor screen can give us some minimum of useful information and some functionality. This is the storage of shortcuts, icons, folders and files for quick access. It is a light menu and control panel. But in order to take advantage of additional features, we will run the ZoomIt utility. And the first thing to note is the ability to draw on the desktop of the Windows operating system.

Draw on desktop. ZoomIt

ZoomIt desktop drawing program

Thanks to the utility, you can write with the mouse over everything you see. But, first you need to download and run it. Links are located in the download area below in the text. You can draw over the desktop, shortcuts on it, folders, open file windows, etc. just the mouse pointer. The ZoomIt desktop drawing program has several color options in its arsenal that can be called up with hotkeys. Calling the pen for drawing can be done from the menu of the utility, which will hang in the tray when running. Select “Draw”. Or call the draw function with hotkeys “Ctrl + 2”. You can choose from multiple colors. Key “R” – red pen, “G” – green, “Y” – yellow, “B” – blue, “O” – orange and “P” – pink.

While drawing, you can enter whiteboard mode with the keys “W” – white board (white background) and “K” – black. In addition, you can enter text. You can do this from anywhere on the screen. Just press “Ctrl + T” and start typing. The font size is adjusted with the mouse wheel. The text color will be the pen color. You can draw not only arbitrary curved lines. You can use other keyboard shortcuts to create arrows, ellipses, rectangles, and straight lines. Erasable drawings, save them to a PC, etc. The full set of features can be found on the developer’s page. Links in the download area.

ZoomIt Magnifier

It is especially important to focus on an important function (from which the name of the program actually comes) – a screen magnifier. This is the ability to enlarge areas of the screen. This is very useful for those who have vision problems or the elements on the screen are so small and hard to read that they have to scale. The ZoomIt screen magnifier is called when the utility is running, either from the program menu using the Zoom button, or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + 1 – without a pen, or Ctrl + 2 with a pen. Scaling (increasing or decreasing) is done with the mouse wheel, and viewing by moving the mouse cursor. Disconnection is carried out by pressing the “Esc” key or by clicking the right mouse button. Dynamic scaling can be called with the combination “Ctrl + 4” (disable – press the same combination again).

ZoomIt Magnifier

Record video from PC screen

Another important tool in the ZoomIt utility is “PC screen recording“. All actions that you perform on the screen can be recorded or recorded in an MP4 file and stored in the memory of any device (even removable media such as a flash drive or memory card). You can call the function of recording ongoing actions on the monitor screen using the “Record” button from the program menu or by using the “Ctrl + 5” hotkey combination. Pressing again will open the save menu with the ability to select the desired folder.

Draw and write on the desktop

ZoomIt is a godsend. There are a lot of tools here that will expand the user’s capabilities while working on a PC. It is very comfortable. Especially when it is necessary to demonstrate something on the screen, write something down and take notes. You can draw and write various graphic information on the desktop simply on the fly using the ZoomIt utility. But that’s not all.

Screen break timer

This feature allows the user to pause the PC screen. The screen break timer is easily configured both from the utility menu and using the Ctrl + 3 shortcut. The screen is put into standby mode with minutes countdown. You can set the timer from the utility options

Once again, we want to draw your attention to the fact that the entire list of hotkey combinations can be found on the developer’s page. You can also change these combinations by changing the ZoomIt settings. To use the program, you need to run it on a PC, after downloading it from the developer’s website.

ZoomIt download

The utility is free and does not require installation. Those. it is portable and can even be run from removable media such as USB-flash drives. ZoomIt can be downloaded from the download area using the links leading to the developer’s official web page. There will always be the latest version of the program. Download and run. Full instructions can be obtained from the same source. After launching ZoomIt, you can check the box in the settings to automatically start the program during Windows startup.

Draw on the desktop. ZoomIt




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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