Drawing program for children. Tux Paint

Children are the flowers of life. We are ready for anything for them. Apparently, this is especially true for their children, in whom the soul and strength are invested by 1000% or more. And we will support them in any creative undertakings. This also applies to drawing.

Therefore, if you have a computer, display and mouse, you want to find something interesting and at the same time useful for the child. For example, it could be a drawing program for children. Tux Paint is a children’s graphics editor. Yes, this program is designed specifically for children!

According to the developer of this software product, most often small users receive computer education just through drawing. And this is done through the Tux Paint children’s graphics editor. A pleasant interface designed for children and with fun sound effects, contains Tux, the virtual assistant of the penguin. You can always contact him for help with the program.

You can immediately say that the drawing program for children Tux Paint is well developed and constantly evolving. Among its tools, I would like to highlight some interesting and useful features.

Dye. Has sets of brushes with different shapes and colors. You can create your own palette.

Stamps. It is possible to create ready-made graphic prints, which can later be transferred to the workspace with just one click of the mouse.

Lines and Forms. Creating lines and shapes is done in seconds. Please note that the Tux drawing program is designed for children, so here all the buttons are adapted for children’s perception!

Texts. In addition to drawing, a child, even at an early age, can already get acquainted with letters, numbers and symbols. This can be done with the Text tool, which is very easy to use.

Magic effects. There are over 75 different effects available at the time of publication that work like filters and effects in Photoshop. Optimized for kids.

The game is released on popular platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android and MacOS! It has many translations into various languages ​​of the world, including not even the most popular ones! And that makes her even more famous.

Drawing program for children 5 – 7 years old

Yes, the program is designed for children aged from 3 to 12 years old, which fully covers the golden age from 5 to 7 years old, i.e. happiest childhood period. It is known that at this time children maximally absorb information that remains for life. This is an important point. And note that in many countries this software is used in school programs for education.

Download children’s drawing program

Children’s drawing program Tux Paint, for sure one of the best graphic solutions among software. You can download it from the download links area on this page. Download and install the program on a personal computer or other device. Launch the Tux Paint kids drawing software and start art education with a fun and interesting digital solution.

Drawing program for children. Tux Paint


Drawing program for children. Tux Paint Drawing program for kids Tux Paint - Palette Tux Paint - features



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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