DVD Slim Free is an application for making covers

So, your attention is provided with a free program DVD Slim Free is an application for making covers. And now a little introduction…

How many times has technology changed in this ever-evolving world of electricity and numbers? It seems that it is difficult to calculate everything at once today. This also applies to media. If earlier it was clay tablets and rock walls, today it is high-tech flash drives and SSD drives. And what will happen next? At the time of this article’s publication, the future is unknown. But until now, there are various optical discs such as CD, Blueray and DVD compact discs are still relevant. People on them hold their favorite music, games, photos, books and video files. But in order to arrange such an information keeper beautifully, it is not enough to write “favorite films” or “home photos” on the disk itself. It will be too artisanal, vulgar. I want to create a high-quality cover for the disc itself beautifully. And this can be done with the Slim Free DVD cover maker. By the way, it is distributed under a Freeware license or simply free of charge.

Indeed, this is a wonderful digital product, thanks to which there is a unique opportunity to create covers for all types of CDs. These are DVD, CD, gaming Xbox, PS2, PS1, Nintendo, and, of course, PSP, PS4, PS3, Wii and more. This applies even to such ancient cassettes as VHS! In fact, you can make covers of this format for anything and anywhere, as long as they fit the given dimensions.

Disc cover program DVD Slim Free

And in this case, let’s turn to the program: DVD Slim Free is an application for making covers. From a simple menu, you can select the type of cover, namely, on which particular type of disc the cover is being made. Then, you can pick up the necessary images from the internal library, take from the disk, or download from the Internet. By the way, the program has links to sites where saved scans of official disc releases are presented, for example, Xbox and Xbox360 covers. You can always add any text on top of the cover with the ability to edit and change the style.

Once editing is complete, the disc cover can be printed in color (or black and white if desired). You can store ready-made and edited covers on your PC in files in *dsf format.

CD cover printing software

The program is designed to print covers of all popular types of laser (or optical) disks for storing information, including CD or Compact Disk. With such a simple interface, even the most insecure PC user will figure it out.

This software is represented by two versions of the program – installation and portable. Both versions can be downloaded from the download links.

DVD Slim Free is an application for making covers


DVD Slim Free is an application for making covers



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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