Fan speed control. Download SpeedFan

Surely all confident PC users know that the main noise from the system unit or laptop case is the operation of the fan blades. This is done so that all components of the computer do not overheat. There is blowing and a decrease in the temperature of the parts. Just want to say here that the fan speed, and not only, can easily be controlled by the user. And everyone can control the speed of any fan. Downloading SpeedFan and installing this utility on a PC means knowing everything about fans and controlling their operation. Don’t believe?

SpeedFan – fan speed

We are talking about one of the most popular and functional applications – the SpeedFan utility. Many already have formed associations: SpeedFan – fan speed. Thanks to this program, you can control the speed of any fan gradually, monitor the voltage, and also monitor the temperature of nearby components. It is very important to simultaneously reduce the speed of rotation of the temperature of the blown parts.

The free utility SpeedFan simultaneously monitors the temperatures of chips, disks and has access to SMART. It is important to remember that when critical temperatures are reached, which can harm the operation of components, the program sets the rotation speed to 100. This will prevent the PC from overheating and breakdowns.

Fan speed control

You can manually adjust the speed of any fan. To do this, uncheck all the checkboxes in the VARIATE FANs utility settings. After that, you will need to listen to the noise coming from the running fans. If everything is fine, you can move on to more subtle settings. According to the developer, not a single problem or PC breakdown associated with this program has yet been recorded. But, nevertheless, all responsibility remains with the user. That is, any changes must be made at your own peril and risk.

It is worth adding a few numbers and features of the SpeedFan fan speed control program …

  • The ability to service any number of southbridges, as well as monitoring PC hardware chips.
  • Take readings and display any number of fan voltages.
  • There is no limit to the number of fan speed readings.
  • Control of any number of temperatures of blown parts.

It is important to add here that some temperature reading sensors are set a little further than the actual location of the parts, so using the SpeedFan utility interface, you can adjust the fan speed to correct for these discrepancies.

SpeedFan official site

The main idea of ​​the SpeedFan fan speed control program is to eliminate nasty or unnecessary noise. By adjusting the speed, you can achieve maximum silence. In this case, the components of the device will not suffer from this at all.

Many people are interested in SpeedFan official website. Yes, there is such a site, and links to it are in the download area. It always uploads the latest versions and lists the latest improvements that improve the software. It remains to choose the latest available version and install it on your PC or laptop.

SpeedFan free download

So, this wonderful and very functional SpeedFan program can be downloaded for free from the links below, in the Links tab. They lead to the official page of the application. Download and install the utility on your computer. Launch and go to settings. It’s all. We hope that this worthy tool will solve all your tasks related to fans.

Fan speed control. Download SpeedFan


Fan speed controlSpeedFan graphSpeedFan settings



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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