File Encryption Program Encoding Decoding Free

As elsewhere, security issues in the electronic world are also very acute and in demand. Encoding or encryption of files is relevant to this day. Therefore, users very often have to ask this question to the Google search engine in order to get a coding application. The program for encrypting files Encoding Decoding Free is just the way to go for these purposes.

File encoding program

What can Encoding Decoding Free do? This completely free utility is very light, fast and at the same time powerful encryption tool. Thanks to this small application, you can encode and decode files of absolutely any type and size. After installation, an additional function for encryption and decryption is built into Windows Explorer, which greatly simplifies the user’s life.

You can encrypt all files that you want to protect from unauthorized viewing and editing. The main thing is to set a unique password and write it down in a safe place. Do not forget the password, because if you lose it, you will lose access to encrypted files forever!

Download file encryption software

The Encoding Decoding Free file encryption program has two versions. Installation and portable. Portable is good for its mobility and lack of binding to a specific machine. That is, once you download it, you can use this utility on any device. It is easy to transfer from device to device using a regular USB flash drive. Moreover, it has a very small size, only up to five megabytes. You can download this software product from the download links in the download area.

Multilanguage is a nice bonus. Several people worked on the translation, and thanks to these participants, the program has translations in the most popular languages: English, Chinese, Dutch, as well as Finnish, Brazilian, Indonesian, French, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Dutch, Turkish . In addition, any user interested in the development of the project can invest his own brick, namely, to translate into other languages ​​and supplement this list.

The Encoding Decoding Free file encryption program was developed for the Windows operating system for almost all versions, starting from XP and ending with the tenth version (it was not tested on 11). Download and securely encrypt or decrypt your files.

File Encryption Program Encoding Decoding Free


File Encryption Program Encoding Decoding Free



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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