File search program SearchMyFiles

Everyone probably knows that the standard Windows Explorer has its own built-in folder and file search engine. Most likely, all more or less experienced PC users have ever used it. But it has some inconveniences and shortcomings. It is unlikely that they will be able to carry out an exact search. The SearchMyFiles file search program has a lot of advantages over the basic system module.

File search program on the computer

It would seem that the developers of Windows would have to take into account most of the requirements of users and build all the necessary mechanisms into the operating system itself, but in this way it would be bloated and too cumbersome. This moment, apparently, was left to third-party developers who can improve any tool indefinitely. Just thanks to the SearchMyFiles file search program, you can search and find files by any of all possible specified parameters.

This can be a wildcard search, the date and time of creation or modification of a file or folder, as well as content, size and attributes. One can give such an example. You need to find the latest created files of a certain extension, created in the last half an hour and having sizes from 2 to 5 mb. The standard search engine of the Windows operating system will definitely not cope with such a task. But the SearchMyFiles application is exactly on the shoulder! The list of found files can be saved in convenient formats: txt, xml, html and csv. Or you can just copy to clipboard and paste anywhere for storage.

This utility is portable and can even be run from a USB flash drive. And this is already a great advantage in our time! You can wear it in a set of electronic tools that can always come in handy.

Program for finding duplicate files on a computer

Of course, with so much potential in a small application size, SearchMyFiles is also a program for finding duplicate files on a computer. This can be useful when you need to clear memory from garbage or for some other reason. In any case, full copies of files or twins by name will be found in a matter of seconds. This, of course, depends directly on the power of the PC hardware.

Download file finder

To use this utility, you can download it from the links from the official website of the developer from the download section using the links below. It should be noted that the program for searching files SearchMyFiles, at the time of publication of the article, is free. And it can work with virtually all versions of Windows, from version 200 to version 11, as well as 32- and 64-bit systems.

File search program SearchMyFiles


SearchMyFiles file search program  SearchMyFiles - menu for setting the search for files by parameters



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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