FotoMorph morphing software

First, you need to understand what Morphing is. This is a smooth transformation or transformation of one image into another in the form of animation. The video sequence consists of gradually changing images on each of the frames, which gradually turn one picture into another. If you remember Michael Jackson’s “Black Or White” video from 1991, you’ve probably seen one face turn into another. Thanks to computer programs and technologies, today such conversions can be done even on a home PC. And for free! The FotoMorph morphing program is a free application with which you can create a completely realistic transformation of not only faces, but also any graphic images.

Program for photo morphing

FotoMorph morpher

Of course, the easiest way to do conversions is from static photos or other images. Photo morphing program has everything you need to smoothly transform one picture into another. There is everything you need for this.

The FotoMorph morphing program has several windows that allow you to divide all the functionality into convenient sections.

FotoMorph menu and functionality

Projects. A tab that can store multiple projects and scenes at the same time. You can work with each separately. In the preview window, you can scroll through the video with the built-in player. Here you can put the snippet video to pause and evaluate the quality of the conversion for further editing.

Images. In the tab with images, you can select and adjust individual sections of the original image and the image into which you want to transform. There is also a preview window with a video timeline. Frame by frame, you can view the entire video sequence of transformations.

Adding a photo and selecting areas for transformation in FotoMorph

Control. This is a very important tab. Here, thanks to markers – dots on images, you can give signals for conversion. Some points should smoothly transform into others. By moving the markers, you can achieve the desired transformation effect. The algorithms and logic of the FotoMorph program do not always understand how images should be transformed and photo, one to the other. Here you can directly influence and participate in the transformation.

Animation. In this tab, you can view the final video as a whole, composed of individual scenes. You can also view the entire video sequence frame by frame, which makes it possible to study in detail with subsequent adjustment.

The vertical part of the menu allows you to adjust the frame sizes, loop the video, reverse the video sequence, and adjust the colors of the frames and shadows. You can also add text and make it move across frames to create an animation effect. It is possible to add your own backgrounds, work with images, resize them, reflect, flip and distort. Each frame can be printed on a printer. The video can be customized. The resolution and the number of frames per second can affect the final quality of the final result. You can export the result of morphing in the following formats: SWF, GIF and AVI, as well as a sequence of frames with quality settings. You can save the project for further work in FMP format files.

Face morphing software

If we talk about image transformation, we mean first of all about face morphing. Above, we have already talked about the importance of the Control tab in the program menu. Here, with the help of labels, markers, you can link the address of individual sections of the photo in the original version with the final image. If, for example, you want the nose to turn into another nose, then for this you need to indicate this with markers in the right places. The same can be done for the eyes, mouth, ears and the whole face as a whole. If we make a mistake, then the transformation may not seem quite correct. To improve the quality of the conversion, it is important to carefully control the location of the markers in the initial and final image. Especially when it comes to face morphing.

FotoMorph Freeware

Naturally, today many well-known graphics editors and platforms for creating 3D animation are capable of morphing. Of these, you probably know 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender 3D. Some are distributed and work on the basis of a paid license, some have too complex functionality. But in our case, the free FotoMorph program has a fairly simple menu and internal tools that are easy to understand and use. At the same time, its functionality is quite powerful.

The FotoMorph morphing application supports many languages. Therefore, it can be considered a full-fledged multilingual program. To use this software for Windows, you need to install it on your PC or any other device that runs on this operating system.

Free download morphing software

Before installing the morphing software, you need to download it. This can be done absolutely free. It’s a pity, but the developer stopped developing and supporting this software. However, on most versions of Windows, it works without problems. Starting from XP and ending with Windows 10 and even 11, it can be fully used. Download links in the downloads area. The latest released version of FotoMorph is posted here. Download and install. Launch and create your first morph by being creative.

FotoMorph morphing software




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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