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Creative people will love this program. The fact is that many music editors have been developed for creating music and editing audio files. Certainly, some of them are flagships in the music industry. Many tracks are created on them, any music is written, new songs are born. But there is a nuance. The more popular an editor is, the more expensive it will be to maintain. Whether it’s a one-time payment or an annual subscription. And as an alternative for beginners and even more or less advanced musicians, the free OpenMPT audio editor is suitable. A powerful tracker music editor will allow you to create music of any complexity.

Free music editor

OpenMPT Free Audio Editor Getting a good music editor for free is not easy. Some projects are done on pure enthusiasm. This is what happened with OpenMPT. On this program you can make professional music. It is also possible to create and edit sound files up to changing the amplitude, frequency, tone and timbre. MIDI– files and tools, as well as VST plugins. Editing samples, looping loops and much more allows you to create really beautiful music that is in no way inferior to professional paid analogues.

Free audio editor

OpenMPT is an excellent music editor with a long history. This project appeared in the world in the form of a classic tracker called ModPlug Tracker since 1997. Tracker music in those days was very popular and many musicians wanted to create it. Today, this free audio editor does not require installation (it is portable). At the same time, it supports user settings, work with VST instruments and VST effects. In the list of features of the OpenMPT audio editor, there is support for 127 channels for editing (and 256 virtual ones), the ability to record real-time music from MIDI devices, the ability to create your own samples with just the mouse cursor and much more. Supports instrument and sample formats such as WAV, BRR, SBK, SF2, SF3, SF4, MP3, FLAC, SBI, AU, CAF, DLS, MSS, SMP, OPUS, ITS, RAW, W64, PAT , S3I, AIFF, 8SVX, XI, ITI, MAUD, SFZ, OGG, etc. This brief review does not enumerate all the features of the audio editor. Therefore, it is best to use the documentation from the developer’s website and familiarize yourself with the program itself after downloading it to your Windows PC.

Free tracker audio editor

Download Free OpenMPT Audio Editor

Use the links below in the download area to download the free OpenMPT audio editor. Links lead to the developer’s site. To get help, you can use the corresponding menu item of the program itself or find and read the necessary information on the site. We hope you enjoy the program. Creative success to you!

OpenMPT Free Audio Editor


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Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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