Free graphic editors

Programs that allow you to edit graphic files are called graphic editors. Some free image editors are in no way inferior to expensive paid counterparts. Therefore, most users are concerned about the question: how to choose the right one, where and when to use it?

Creating and editing images is an integral part of life for many people. Some use image editors for work, others for hobbies or even to create their own unique projects. Luckily, there are many free image editors that can help you create, modify, and enhance your images.

Free graphic editors for Windows

Four free graph editors

Naturally, Windows users are concerned about the choice of applications specifically for this system. In this article, we’ll look at a few of these editors, namely XnRetro, Inkscape, Tux Paint, and XnSketch. All of the above software are free graphic editors for Windows.

Free vector graphics editor

Inkscape is a free vector graphics editor that allows you to create and edit images using vector graphics. Vector images are mathematical objects made up of points, lines, and curves and can be scaled without loss of quality. Inkscape offers many tools for drawing and creating complex images, and also allows you to import and export files in various formats.

Children’s graphics editor

 Tux Paint
Tux Paint is a free photo editor for children aged 3 to 12 years. It is safe and easy to use, includes many drawing and imaging tools, and offers a variety of games and activities. Tux Paint can be helpful for parents and teachers who are looking for a way to help children develop their creative skills and interest in art.

Free photo editors

For photo editing, two free editors from the same developer are suitable, namely XnRetro and XnSketch.


XnRetro is a free editor that can add vintage photo effects to your images. You can choose between dozens of different effects that will change the color and texture of your image. XnRetro also allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of your image. This editor is especially useful for those who are looking for a quick and easy way to change their photos.


XnSketch is a free editor that allows you to transform your photos into drawings that resemble pencil or charcoal sketches. You can choose between multiple styles and adjust settings such as brightness and contrast to get the effect you want. XnSketch can be useful for those who are looking for a way to give their photos a new look and aesthetic look.

In conclusion, free image editors are a great way to access powerful image creation and editing tools. No matter what your goals are, there are editors who can help you achieve the desired result. XnRetro, Inkscape, Tux Paint, and XnSketch are just some of the free editors to consider when choosing an image manipulation program.

Free graphic editors

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