Gesture control. Enable Viacam

To date, we have not yet learned how to control a computer with the power of thought. There are many tools for this, such as a keyboard, mouse or joystick. But there are also non-standard ways to control a PC. For example, gesture control. Enable Viacam, in particular, allows you to replace the classic mouse with a webcam and head gestures! Original? This can be useful for people with disabilities or those who have their hands full of other things but need to control the computer in other ways.

If you have a webcam on a personal computer or laptop, then this application, namely Enable Viacam, unties the user’s hands. The head will take over the control function.

The cross-platform application (installed on Windows, Linux and Android) with open source is distributed absolutely free of charge and is in a state of constant development. Thanks to the development team, previous user wishes expressed on the forum, Twitter or other social networks are taken into account and programmatic adjustments are made.

How to enable gesture control

By launching the program, you enable head gesture control. This is done very easily. Using the setup wizard, you can enable and achieve more precise gestures and movements for the correct reading of virtual mouse control commands. Movement acceleration and smoothness are also configurable through a clear and accessible interface. Calibration is done specifically for each user individually. No Wi-Fi, wires and other equipment! Everything is done only through the webcam and the program interface.

Head control

If we are talking about head control, then the Enable Viacam program can read head gestures through the webcam, which can be corrected and calibrated during the operation of the program. Head movements are assigned specific mouse actions. Key clicks, drags, right and left buttons, double clicks and other operations. All these moments are set from the program interface. While Enable Viacam is running and the webcam is turned on, the device reads the user’s head gestures and adequately imitates the operation of the mouse, practically replacing the physical one. It is very comfortable.

If you are still in doubt, then try this application in practice. All you have to do is download it and install it on your PC or other supported device, then launch and configure it. Check how adequately the program will work. I am sure that you will be satisfied if you really pursued the goal of finding a replacement for mice with gestures. Good luck. Perhaps that’s all. Use on health!

Gesture control. Enable Viacam


Enable Viacam Head Gesture Control Enable Viacam gesture control



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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