How to disable touchpad on laptop? With Touchpad Blocker

Anyone who has ever worked on a laptop knows that an alternative to a standard mouse is the built-in touchpad. The so-called touchpad is a device for controlling the cursor on the monitor screen. And those who type text on the keyboard often face the problem of accidental touches on this panel. Naturally, such touches lead to unpredictable line jumps and unnecessary shifts. This is very disturbing. And the question that follows from here arises: How to disable the touchpad on a laptop? With Touchpad Blocker, a special utility, you can temporarily disable the touchpad.

How to disable touchpad?

Naturally, you can also turn off the touchpad and a standard change in settings through the control panel. In different versions of Windows, this procedure may be slightly different. So how do you disable the touchpad? In general, the usual classic shutdown procedure takes some time. And to deal with this problem, in recent versions of Windows, this is done by simply toggling the touchpad switch. But, in earlier versions of the system, this can be done by turning off the mouse cursor control devices.
But it is better and easier to do it through the special Touchpad Blocker utility.

Disable Windows touchpad

Yes, this small program will greatly facilitate the life of a simple laptop user. And in order to disable the Windows touchpad, just press one button of the running Touchpad Blocker utility. The installed program will hang invisibly in the tray. By calling the context menu, you can enable or disable the touchpad in just one second.
While typing, now the touchpad will not interfere! Also, from the utility settings menu, you can not turn off the touch panel completely. By pressing any key, you can set the timeout interval. If the keys are not pressed, then the touchpad continues to work! In fact, an incomplete shutdown expands the possibilities of working without connecting an external mouse!
The Touchpad Blocker can be run during Windows startup. It is also possible to configure hotkey combinations to turn the panel on and off.

Download Touchpad Blocker

The free utility can be downloaded from the official website using the links below. After downloading it, you need to install it on your laptop and configure it for your tasks. The running Touchpad Blocker program is available from the tray. Supported on all versions of Windows (32-bit and 64-bit), from XP to 10 (not tested on 11).

How to disable touchpad on laptop? With Touchpad Blocker


You can disable the touchpad on laptop using Touchpad Blocker



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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