How to distribute WiFi from a laptop? MyPublic WiFi

Having at hand one device, such as a laptop, with an Internet connection, sometimes the following question arises. How to distribute WiFi from a laptop? MyPublicWiFi is a program with which you can turn your computer into a WiFi hotspot.

The simple and free MyPublicWiFi application allows you to use the WiFi antenna and network card of a computer, laptop, laptop or tablet running the Windows operating system. Be sure to turn off wireless network security for your router (router) or access point first. If you are using a wireless router, be sure to disable the DHCP server. After downloading the program in advance, you need to run it on your device and set up an Internet access point. In fact, your laptop or PC becomes an access point for other devices, and you are the network administrator.

How to distribute WiFi from a computer

First you need to configure the program and the Internet distribution point itself. Give it a Name and add your unique password, which will contain at least 8 characters. The created wireless network uses WPA2 encryption. Now any device that can connect to a WiFi network, be it a game console or a mobile phone, can access the global Internet.

You can also configure the program so that the access point is, for example, a WLAN repeater. You can also use MyPublicWiFi to switch the access point to network bridge mode, router mode to DHCP and NAT server, etc. The throughput rate of each connected user can also be adjusted individually!

Share WiFi Windows

The program works in the environment of the Windows operating system, starting from the 7th version. You can distribute WiFi to absolutely any device and control access by limiting certain resources. You can also block ads and access to social networks. Because

And now, if the question arises: How to distribute WiFi from a laptop? MyPublicWiFi is the obvious choice for an all-in-one tool for creating an Internet hotspot and creating a convenient local area network. Everything’s under control!

The MyPublicWiFi application is multilingual. Download it from the download links and install it on your laptop. Set up and control your private network using the resources of this powerful free program.

How to distribute WiFi from a laptop? MyPublic WiFi


MyPublicWiFi - a program to create a WiFi hotspot from a computer MyPublicWiFi - a program for creating a WiFi hotspot MyPublicWiFi for hotspot



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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