How to open CDR files? Opening methods

There are quite a lot of standards for graphic files. We are not talking about the most popular formats here, but quite often you come across files that are essentially a kind of “blanks” or editable sketches. These include PSD (Photoshop) or CDR (CorelDRAW). The second option is a vector format, i.e. it is scalable. All graphics contained in it can be scaled (increased) indefinitely without compromising quality. But that’s not what we’re talking about. We have a very specific task: How to open CDR format files? We will discuss opening methods below.

How to open CDR format files

CDR: Open files of this format

The CDR extension (CorelDRAW) is widely used for storing graphic, namely vector images created using special CorelDRAW software. This format provides great instrumental potential for creating professional design solutions. And a completely reasonable question arises: what to do in a situation where you do not have paid CorelDRAW installed? Next, we will discuss not only standard ways of working with CDR files, but also alternative ways for those who are looking for free or more accessible software solutions for working with this format.

Standard methods for opening CDR files

CorelDRAW: Perhaps this method is the most obvious for opening a CDR format. If you already have a copy of CorelDRAW pre-installed, simply open the software and select Open. Then use File Explorer to navigate to the CDR file. Next, simply edit the image.

CorelDRAW Viewer: In cases where you do not have CorelDRAW, but want to open CDR files for viewing, then you have the opportunity to use the official CorelDRAW Viewer application, which is available for free on the official website -Corel website. This application only allows you to view files, without editing.

Alternative ways to open and edit CDR files

Inkscape: We have already written about this application and its advantages in another review. This is free and open source vector graphics software that supports opening the *cdr format using the UniConvertor plugin. First install Inkscape and then install UniConvertor. After this, you will be able to open and edit the contents of cdr files in Inkscape.

Inkscape for opening CDR

GIMP: We also already wrote about this application in the review Here. As a free alternative to a graphic editor, this is a powerful set of tools that is almost as good as its paid counterparts. Although GIMP does not directly support native resolution * cdr, you can try to import it using the “Uniconvertor” plugin, the same as in the case of Inkscape.

GIMP for opening CDR

Online Converters: Already today, many special online tools have been developed, such as “Online Convert” and “Zamzar”, which provide the ability to convert *cdr files to other resolutions, for example *svg or *pdf . Once the conversion is complete, you can edit them in more common vector editors.

LibreOffice Draw: Here is another alternative that allows you to open CDR files. And, most importantly, it is free! Launch LibreOffice Draw and open the CDR file using a standard explorer and proceed to editing.

Specialized software: Specialized programs and applications created for the purpose of editing and viewing the CDR format without installing a paid popular analogue. An example is “CDRViewer”, available for macOS.

Opening CDRs and editing is very easy

The choice of method depends on the needs of the users and the availability of the software. Using the above methods, any user can now edit such files, much less view them, even in the absence of CorelDRAW. More alternative tools appear with the development of free and open source software. All this makes working with this format (*cdr) more accessible to all of us. Today this format has become much easier to edit and open.

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