Internet speed online. NetSpeedMonitor

Today, the Internet has become an essential part of our lives, along with electricity, water, food and other resources. And a lot depends on the speed of his work. And quite often, ordinary PC users are concerned about such a moment as Internet speed online. NetSpeedMonitor is a utility that can display it from the taskbar of a simple computer running Windows.

It looks something like the image below.

NetSpeedMonitor - monitor or indicator of current Internet speed online

Next to the tray, the user will see a small speed monitor that will display two types of Internet speeds: Upload or Download speed and Upload or Upload speed.

Measure internet speed online

So, how can a simple user measure Internet speed online? There are many tester programs that can measure the speed of downloading and uploading information in the global network. For example, this is the SpeedTest utility. But, such programs can measure the speed here and now, but time will pass and the speed may change, and it is very inconvenient to constantly turn on and conduct testing. Moreover, this is an empty waste of the same time.

And now we’ll get to the fun part. There is a special NetSpeedMonitor utility that will not check the speed with a single long test, but will measure it continuously. But the monitoring results will be displayed in the taskbar.

Now let’s see how to work with this very useful and handy utility for measuring Internet speed online.

Check Internet speed online

Of course, you need to download and install a small free program NetSpeedMonitor on your PC or laptop that runs on a Windows platform. Please note that the utility will not work on Windows 10 just like that, so see below for instructions on how to run it on this version and above.

And now we will briefly describe how to use this software to find out the speed of the Internet online. The downloaded application after installation must be launched and configured. Call the configuration menu by clicking the right mouse button. In the “Network adapter” item, select the one through which you are connected to the Internet.

In the taskbar after starting NetSpeedMonitor, you can see 2 main indicators for measuring Internet speed – U (upload) and D (download). The speed next to these letters is displayed by default in Kilobits per second. Today, it is more convenient for many to display in Megabits, so in the settings menu you can change this through the Bitrate item by selecting Mbps.

Windows Internet speed

The utility was developed specifically for the Windows operating system environment, namely, in most cases it was focused on versions XP, Windows Vista and 7. But, at the same time, it can work on later versions, such as 8, 10 and even 11.

To work on Windows 10, you must download the 64-bit version. When starting the installation normally, an error such as “Operating system not supported” may occur. This suggests that the installation and launch must be done in compatibility mode. This can be done from the context menu when you hover over the installation file and select “Fix Compatibility Issues”. Everything else is standard. During installation, select the correct network adapter and leave the checkboxes where you want them. All. The program is installed and you can use it. You can configure the output of the indicator or speed measurement monitor by calling the context menu from the NetSpeedMonitor program already running next to the tray.

Download Internet speed indicator NetSpeedMonitor

The program for displaying the speed of measuring the Internet online can be found on the links from the official website. They are listed in the downloads section below. Please note that there are links on the official website that do not always work. Apparently problems with the settings and redirection at the level of the site itself. Therefore, additional sources are provided from which you can download the installation files. You can download NetSpeedMonitor Internet speed indicator in two versions. Choose 32-bit or 64-bit version based on the capabilities of your operating system. After downloading proceed to the installation. That’s all. Thank you for your attention. And, we hope, our review helped you, as a user, solve one of the user tasks.

Internet speed online. NetSpeedMonitor


NetSpeedMonitor - internet speed in taskbar



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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