Joystick software. Xbox 360 Controller Emulator

Finding a good program and at the same time free is not so easy. If you are looking for an application to emulate the joystick for Xbox 360 games on a regular computer, then there may be a hitch. Either the software is paid, or it is not of high enough quality, because it does not solve the tasks. Therefore, you need to sweat in order to shovel a bunch of information and find the best option. But here’s a miracle! There is such a program for the joystick. This is Xbox 360 Controller Emulator!

Joystick program emulator

Xbox 360 Controller Emulator

So, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Xbox 360 Controller Emulator, in our opinion, is one of the best programs for emulating joysticks that connect to a regular PC. The emulator creates a virtual controller compatible with all Microsoft games made with original Xbox controllers. It is set up quite simply.

First you need to connect any non-original joystick or joysticks to your computer (wired or wireless) and run the emulator. The program for the Xbox 360 Controller Emulator joystick itself must be downloaded in advance, unpacked and placed in the game folder next to the game’s executable exe file. The next step is to run the x360ce_x64.exe or x360ce.exe emulator file, depending on the bitness of the Microsoft Windows version. For quick setup, the program will automatically offer to download and configure all the options necessary for the game. Agree with the installation of all files and settings and proceed to configure and test the operation of the joysticks. The program supports up to four joysticks and has a lot of additional fine-tuning options and individual game settings. You can also change the assignment of the buttons and calibrate the sticks.

The official website of the Xbox 360 emulator has all the necessary additional and reference information that will help you figure out how to install joysticks. There are alternative versions of the program that allow you to link regular joysticks to a game on a PC that supports Xbox joysticks.

Download program for joystick

The program for the Xbox 360 Controller Emulator joystick is constantly evolving and all versions can be obtained from the links on the official website. They are listed below in the download area. Do not forget to extract the files after downloading to the folder with the game. And only from there you can configure your joysticks. Choose the version you need and customize it for your needs. Test and play your favorite PC games with joysticks!

Joystick software. Xbox 360 Controller Emulator


Xbox 360 Controller Emulator Xbox 360 Controller Emulator Xbox 360 Controller Emulator



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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