Laptop battery status. BatteryInfoView

Mobility of electronic devices entails a whole series of questions and tasks. For example, battery or battery capacity issues, margins of safety, and current status. Constant checking and monitoring of the main mobile power source is required. And this is done with the help of special software. If things are more or less normal with gadgets such as smartphones and tablets, then there are certain difficulties with laptops and netbooks. As a rule, the task is as follows. You need to check the condition of your laptop battery. BatteryInfoView is a utility specially designed for battery powered mobile PCs. This program is one of the few tools designed specifically to monitor and indicate the state of laptop batteries, as well as netbook and ultrabook batteries.

How to check laptop battery status?

This is the right question. You can check the battery or battery status of a laptop or netbook using the BatteryInfoView utility. Here we immediately leave a short default: a battery or an accumulator in our case will mean the same thing. Those. this is a device that provides electrical current to the entire mobile computer without being connected to the electrical network.

Where to start? You need to download and run the BatteryInfoView utility on your mobile PC. The application does not require installation and is distributed absolutely free.

After launching this little program, an informative window will open. It will display information about the battery (accumulator). Namely: the name of the battery, its manufacturer, serial number and date of manufacture, power state (discharging or charging), percentage of charge. And also, the amount of current capacity, full capacity, declared capacity, voltage, charging and discharging speed, composition or chemical composition (what the battery or accumulator consists of), etc.

Updating information by default is set to 1 every 30 seconds. The interval can be changed at the discretion of the user. The serial number and date of manufacture of the battery can only be displayed if such information has been provided by the manufacturer.

Laptop battery status

Notebook battery status. BatteryInfoView

The battery or laptop battery status can be assessed using the BatteryInfoView utility in question. Based on the charge and capacity values, the state of wear can be assessed. This is usually displayed in the Battery Status window, which is calculated based on the Estimated Capacity (this is when the battery is brand new = 100%) and Full Charged Capacity, displayed as a percentage.

Laptop battery voltage

If the user needs to see information about the voltage at the battery terminals, then this can be done from the Voltage in millivolts line. Also, all other indicators that can be “read” from a laptop or netbook battery will be shown in a convenient scrollable list.

Download BatteryInfoView

This utility works on the Windows OS platform from version 2000 to 10. On 11 it was not tested, but in compatibility mode it may well work. It is portable and can even work from removable media! You can download BatteryInfoView using the links below from the download section from the official website of the developer.

Laptop battery status. BatteryInfoView


BatteryInfoView - list of laptop battery status indicators



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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