Make a mind map. Download Freemind program

To visualize and systematize one’s thoughts, ideas, intelligence cards are increasingly being used today. They are also called mind maps or mental maps. And in order to put your thoughts on paper, in principle, it is enough to have a pencil and a notebook at hand. But in the twenty-first century, you can do all this on a PC and store your thoughts on a hard drive or on a simple flash drive. How to do it? In your mind, pre-create an intelligence map. Download the Freemind program and already draw a diagram in it using the mouse and keyboard.

Freemind is a free and very popular mind mapping, mind mapping or mind mapping software. It is written in Java. Its releases include versions for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. Using the functionality of the program, you can draw and compile an intelligence map of any level of complexity.

Mind map

For those who do not know yet, an intellect map (mental map or mind map) is an associative diagram of connections. Thanks to such maps, you can structure and visualize any schemes of your thoughts and ideas. Drawing up such diagrams allows you to understand and systematize all your thoughts, for example, on paper or on the screen of an electronic device. And to be more precise, an intellectual map is a systemic display of any product of mental activity or idea.

Make a mind map

Our thoughts wander in our brain and give rise to interesting images, dreams and ideas. But they are so ephemeral and intangible that they can quickly be forgotten, dissolved in memory and simply disappear into the corners of the mind. To consolidate any thoughts and ideas, we must write them down somewhere in order to get them out again. The more harmoniously the thought is written, the easier it is to present the exact image or its model.

It is known that the goal differs from the dream only in a very precise description and stronger motivation. Also in the case of compiling mind maps, the more accurately the thoughts and their connections are described, the easier it is to understand it. And, accordingly, then implement it and bring it to life.

With the Freemind program, you can create any mind map, any mind map. All the tools for drawing up a diagram are in a convenient control panel. The created mind map can be enlarged or reduced, i.e. to scale. Elements that can be added to the map are represented by small icons that can be simply dragged into the workspace and inserted into the desired places.

Working with text and graphic elements is not difficult, as drag-and-drop technology works here. Any changes occur on the fly by simply dragging and dropping elements. Labels can be edited to your liking, changing fonts, sizes and visual design. For a more detailed study of the possibilities of this very useful program in order to realize your thoughts, namely Freemind, you need to install it on your device.

Download freemind

The quality of the program can be judged by the positive reviews of ordinary users on the official website. There you can also download your version of the program and install it on your PC or device that supports this application.

Follow the links to the download page from the official site from the download area. Then download and install. If you have any difficulties in using this digital product, you can always go to the Freemind Help menu or go to the Tickets and Discussions section of the developer’s site.

Make a mind map. Download freemind program


Freemind mind map Freemind Mind Map



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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