Make a picture out of a photo. XnSketch

In the world of computer programs, there have long been various graphic leaders such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw. There are many sophisticated tools and filters in them that can transform the original photo into a drawing beyond recognition. But what if a simple user does not need all this? Buy an expensive program for the sake of processing 5-10 shots? Not rational. Yes, and it is not necessary. Therefore, for this purpose, other less well-known and popular software developers create their own photo and image processing programs. And if the user faces such a task, he will be able to use programs to make a picture out of a photo. XnSketch is a free application designed to convert images into a sketch from simple digital photographs.

Make a drawing out of a photo

In the past, photographs were transferred onto tracing paper by overlaying a sheet over the photograph. Due to the transparency of the tracing sheet, it was possible to see the details and literally outline them with a pencil or pen. Also, they could simply be redrawn if the artist had a full hand. But today, for the artist, such things are done by a computer, through calculations and processing algorithms. In Photoshop, this effect can be achieved in various ways, including ready-made filters. But, we will go the simpler way. The XnSketch program helps to make a drawing out of a photo using filters and effects already prepared by programmers.

A program that makes a drawing out of a photo

XnSketch - utility for creating drawings from photos

So, XnSketch is a great multi-platform tool that works on Windows, MacOS and Linux.  In fact, this is a program that makes a picture out of a photo in a matter of minutes. The functionality includes 18 different graphic processing effects. Among them, it is especially important to highlight black and white drawing, neon glow effect, engraving, charcoal sketches, pencils and oils, pastels and others. For more flexible work in each of the effects, the ability to fine-tune additional options has been added: the degree of blur, transparency, stroke border, etc. Also, intensity, contrast and saturation are finely adjusted with virtual sliders or by entering exact numbers.

It is also possible to zoom in or out on images, as well as rotate them clockwise and backward. The XnSketch utility interface is quite simple and intuitive for PC users. It will not be difficult for the user to understand the operation of this application.

Processed images can be saved in popular PNG formats and JPG. In addition, they can be immediately sent directly from the program to popular social networks and services such as Facebook, Tumblr, ImageShack, Imgur, Picasa, and others.

Download XnSketch

In order to use the XnSketch utility, you need to download it. Select your version from the links below, from the download area. For Windows and Linux users: consider the bitness of the system (32 or 64). Unzip the archive and run the program. That’s all. It remains to process your photos and share them with friends.

Make a drawing out of a photo. XnSketch




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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