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From time to time, Internet users need to create a small private and closed network. For example, to play online with friends. Yes, if you want to play not through popular gaming services, then how to do it? Just by creating a private network. And for this you can use a special application. One of the best and most popular applications for this purpose is perhaps the Hamachi networking software. Without exaggeration, this software in 99% will satisfy any, even the most demanding user in solving the tasks.

The program is shareware, but for home use or a small network it will suffice. Up to 5 people can use the Hamachi program for free. If you want to expand the network, then for this there are several tariff plans on the official website.

A very important point is the ease of settings. Creating a central virtual network and providing access to it bypassing firewalls and network routers (routers) is a matter of five minutes. Therefore, even a person without experience, having downloaded and installed the application considered in advance, will be able to play their favorite network game with their comrades.

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If you need to combine several computers (free up to 5 units, the rest at Standard, Premium or Multi-network tariffs), then you need to create a private virtual mesh network using the Hamachi network program and provide access. This is done very simply. Just give the network name and password. Knowing this data, users can join this site. If gamers have the task of playing games on a local network, but remotely, via the Internet, then using our program it is quite easy to do this. All users connected to the same virtual cell can already join the game’s local network thanks to Hamachi. Thus, LAN games can be played from anywhere and from anywhere.

I would like to note that the created networks are protected by secure communication thanks to 256-bit AES encryption. Parameter settings can limit or enhance the user experience. The LogMeIn Hamachi service runs a VPN service, and by emulating a local network, empowers participants over a secure network connection.

Download Hamachi for Windows

This program was created a long time ago and is already popular among Internet users. Thanks to it, people have found a fast and secure solution with which to easily create local networks. Developers take into account all wishes, as well as various external factors, and constantly improve their intellectual digital product. You can download Hamachi for Windows, as well as for Linux, MacOS, IOS and Android, using the links from the download area. By installing the application on your device, you can create a virtual local area network and invite everyone to it.

Network program Hamachi


Network program Hamachi



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).



For IOS and Android, the app is called LogMeIn. Use the store search or Google to install this program.

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