OCCT Video Card Checker

While we are using our work or home computer, sometimes there is a need to check the hardware. Yes, when there are problems with the computer or there is a need to test parts of the PC, you have to look for diagnostic tools. In the simplest case, for example, when working with graphics, you may need the OCCT video card checker.

This OCCT application supports many languages ​​(multi-language). And it is distributed absolutely free of charge (but only for non-commercial use). What is this software for? For testing the GPU (video card) and CPU (processor), as well as controlling the clock frequency of microcircuits. That is, diagnostics and overclocking (overclocking) make it possible to fully control the brain and heart of the PC.

CPU and GPU temperature checker

So, the OCCT application is a program for checking the temperature of the processor and video card, changing the clock frequency and nominal voltage. Thanks to this utility, you can run an instant benchmark (Benchmark). Then get a detailed report on the load processes, taking into account various parameters. As a rule, the hardware (central and graphic processors) working at the limit should work properly, as the manufacturer claims. At the same time, if failures and over-threshold values ​​of voltage and temperature are observed during monitoring by sensors, measures must be taken. These can be problems with cooling, power, a long operating period and a banal breakdown. In any case, the OCCT program monitor will show in detail all the technical nuances that may arise during the peak operation of the components of a personal computer or laptop.

How to check the video card?

The question is widespread and relevant. First you need to download the OCCT video card test program. Then install it on your PC and run it. You will see a menu in which you need to immediately go to the settings and select a language that is convenient for reading. Then, using the menu items, set all the necessary parameters for testing. There are several ready-made tests that are in the drop-down menu. Also, with the help of fine-tuning, you can install individual components for testing and management and run the test. The scoreboard will show how the indicators change over time. Monitoring graphs and a table of indicators will objectively display the state of affairs in the PC hardware, on the basis of which it is already possible to draw any conclusions.

Apparently, the OCCT graphics card test and CPU test program gives control over the hardware to the average user. To expand the program options, you can use the donation. Then get a set of additional goodies and features. The latter are displayed in the tariff scale on the developer’s website.

OCCT Video Card Checker


OCCT Video Card Checker



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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