Pattern program. Fittingly Sew 2

Fashion design, modeling and pattern making is quite a long creative process. All this can be done on paper the old fashioned way. But, with the advent of computing technology, it became possible on a personal computer. On the Windows operating system, starting with XP and subsequent versions, a wonderful program for patterns has been developed. Fittingly Sew 2 is a program for creating clothes patterns on a PC.

This is an excellent application that will enable the creative user to realize their thoughts and ideas on the monitor screen, and then print on the printer. This software is able to bring a virtual model of clothing to life, being an intermediary between the digital world and reality.

Program for creating patterns

Fittingly Sew 2 is a software product designed for those people who want to create their patterns on a device with a pre-installed Windows system. Even in the Demo, there are some powerful toolkits to get you started. Also, the templates included in the basic version of the program will be the starting point for creativity.

Having installed Fittingly Sew 2 on his PC, the user can also create his own templates using rectangular blocks and editing them with the mouse cursor. In fact, this is done as simply as if you were doing it with an ordinary pencil and ruler on plain paper. Unlike the previous version (the first one), a new feature has been added here – tracking and creating a pattern from a photo of existing clothing models. Add a photo, for example, blouses or trousers, and create the desired patterns right inside the program. You can also create any fabric designs from any photos.

The created virtual models of clothing patterns can be saved and edited. The drawings themselves can be enlarged or reduced with the mouse wheel. You can evaluate and try all the possibilities by downloading the program and studying all the tools. The program has several translation languages, so you can explore its capabilities in the language that is closest to your understanding.

Download the program for making patterns

So, you can download the Fittingly Sew 2 program from the links in the download area. After downloading, install the program and run it on your PC. Please note that some features of the program will be available only in the paid version. But for the initial work and getting good patterns, the basic version is enough.

Pattern program. Fittingly Sew 2


Sewing Pattern Program Fittingly Sew 2 Fittingly Sew 2



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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