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If you are a website developer and you need to create a site to demonstrate its prototype, then there is a good solution for this! Pencil Project Website Layout Software allows you to create a website prototype of any complexity.

The free application has a powerful set of tools for creating the appearance of the site, that is, a prototype template or the so-called layout. In essence, the Pencil Project is a graphics program with which you can create wireframes for websites. Template prototype exports can be saved in convenient HTML, PNG, and PDF formats that can be opened and displayed on any modern viewing device.

What is the Pencil Project program? It is a free (open source) and multi-platform GUI application. It allows the user to draw his site from scratch. To do this, it has all the necessary tools.

Site layout

Using the resources of the program, you can create any graphic elements. Of course, including buttons, menus, interactive elements and more. With built-in collections of shapes for drawing UI snippets of the prototype site, you can create a template layout. And this is from the desktop version of the site to the mobile version. Moreover, for drawing a layout diagram of the mobile version. The Pencil Project program contains user interfaces for IOS and Android systems. The figures are presented as all standard forms, as well as block diagrams. With the help of them, you can quickly and accurately implement a website project.

Create site layout

Also, additional resources for download, distributed on the Internet for free, included in the Pencil Project site layout program, will help you create a prototype site of any complexity. With a simple drag and drop, you can create a wireframe site on the fly. This is very convenient, as you can edit and change any element in real time. And also customize the template to your liking.

Connectors for linking flowchart elements have been implemented in the latest versions of the Pencil Project. Which, accordingly, opened up additional opportunities for demonstrating prototypes of developed sites.

Project pages saved in HTML format can contain interactive hyperlinked elements, including interstitials. By demonstrating such a site layout prototype, the user can make several mouse clicks to assess the performance of, for example, buttons and other clickable elements.

The Pencil Project is a good tool for web designers and those who want to get involved in designing a website template before it actually goes live. Download the Pencil Project website layout software from the links in the downloads area.

Pencil Project Website Layout Software


Pencil Project Website Layout Software Pencil Project - graphic design software for web sites



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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