Pin a window on top of all windows. DeskPins

Working on the Windows operating system, you have to work with many windows. You can split the screen into two or more parts. But, sometimes, you need to specifically pin a window on top of all windows. DeskPins is a utility that has been able to solve this problem so far (tested in Windows 10).

DeskPins – the name of this small application already speaks for itself. These are virtual pin buttons for the monitor screen desktop. With this application, you can make one or more open windows on top of others.

How to make a window on top of all windows?

Very simple. It is enough to download and install the DeskPins application on your personal computer. The utility must be launched at the time of pinning the windows, so it is best to immediately install it in the system startup. Being in the tray, it gives you the ability to quickly access and manage pins. By clicking on the utility icon in the tray, the mouse cursor will quickly change to the image of a loose pin. You can also select a similar mode from the drop-down menu: Enter pin mode. With the next click, you can pin any of the active windows. An icon of a pinned button should appear at the top of the pined window.

Thus, the window should become the “master” and hang on top of all other windows. Even when you open other windows, the pined window will be on top of all others. By the way, you can fix several windows at once, if there is such a task. You can clear all pins and release all top windows by selecting the Remove all pins command from the DeskPins context menu. After that, all windows will return to their normal unpinned state.

Program on top of all windows

The DeskPins utility was developed back in 2002-2004 and is not supported by the developer, but it still works! The program on top of all windows has an easy and understandable settings menu. Unfortunately, it is only in English, but this absolutely does not interfere with understanding the intricacies of the application. In the settings, it is possible to set hot keys to call the Pin, change the color of the hat, click modes, as well as automatically place and pin selected windows on top of others. The context menu has a Help section, which describes in detail the features of the DeskPins program.

This tool greatly facilitates the work of active users of the Windows operating system by pinning some windows on top of others.

Pin a window on top of all windows. DeskPins


DeskPins DeskPins - windows on top of others DeskPins - language selection



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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