Ping Tracer – connection test program

The network and the Internet as a whole is an integral part of the modern user of gadgets and PCs. Through the global network, we receive important information and exchange data. This happens during an online game or, for example, during live streaming or simple chat via Skype. And in this case, the speed of transmission or data exchange is very important. And, such a request today, it is customary among ordinary users to call the word Ping. That is, the rate of transmission in milliseconds of a packet of information from the user’s computer to the server node and back is the ping. There is a standard Windows command for this. Requests via the command line are not a very convenient procedure. Therefore, more functional and free applications appear. Ping Tracer is a connection test program one of them. We will talk about it below.

 Ping Tracer - utility

Check Ping

As mentioned above, ping can be checked using the built-in Windows command, which can be called from the command line. With a few requests, you can test the connection speed to a specific node and check the speed of information packet exchange. This is not very convenient. Weak visibility does not inform the user very well, especially since the table with the report constantly leaves the screen. And, in a minute, the PC user will not remember what happened before.

Ping check with standard Windows command

The standard method can be called through Windows search by entering the CMD query. Then you need to enter the ping command, specify the host, for example,, and prescribe the parameters of the command keys (for example, -t, -a, -s, etc. the entire list of keys can be found Internet or Windows Help). But visually, node testing will look more informative in the Ping Tracer program.

Program for testing connection and its quality

The free and open source Ping Tracer application constantly tests communication with almost every network node between the user’s computer and the selected destination. In this way, you can determine the source of delays and problems with the exchange of packets of information and connection. On the graphs of the program, normal ping is drawn in green, delays look yellow. But in each case of packet loss, the curves turn red, signaling errors.

This Ping Tracer utility is for testing connection to network and its quality works according to this algorithm.

A traceroute operation is performed by the user or your router to locate hosts (target remote hosts). All hosts that do not respond during the route trace will be further excluded or ignored.

If five consecutive nodes do not respond, the traceroute operation will automatically end.

Using the program interface, you can specify the host, interval time in seconds, and thresholds. By setting the desired parameters, you can activate testing.

Download Ping Tracer

The Ping Tracer connection test program does not require installation. In order to use the utility, you can download it from the developer’s official page by selecting the latest release. This can be done via the links in the downloads area. The application does not require installation and can be launched immediately after downloading. Works in almost all versions of Windows.

Ping Tracer – connection test program


Ping Tracer - Ping Tracer connection test



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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