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Practically any PC user had to deal with image processing sooner or later. We are not talking about making changes to the drawing or photograph itself. We are talking about transformations associated with changing parameters. For example, this is a change in image size, brightness or quality. And if photos or pictures that require the same processing, with the same tasks, then such processing should be batch. And for such purposes, the free and powerful XnConvert image converter will come in handy. It will be discussed below.

Free image converter

The developers have taken care to cover the maximum number of features that may be required for batch processing of images from any of the users. XnConvert – Free converter of images, containing the possibilities of editing files according to all the most common parameters. Thanks to this application, the conversion process can be automated.

XnConvert Free Image Converter

What can you do with cross-platform XnConvert? It support more than 80 different actions. Namely, cropping, adjusting colors, changing the size and quality of images, applying various filters and much more. It is important to note here that once the parameters are set before processing, they will apply to all selected images or those located in the specified folder. XnConvert is a modern converter that supports almost all the most common graphic formats: PNG, JPEG, JPEG2000, GIF, PDF, PSD, CR2, Camera RAW, TIFF, WebP, JPEG-XL, OpenEXR, HEIC, DNG and more (over 70 in total!). All settings are saved in presets, which can be used later in other folders and on other files!

Change image quality

Of course, one of the most common tasks is to change the quality of an image. Why this is done is not worth explaining, but, definitely, this will affect the file sizes. By improving or making the quality easier, we will definitely affect the final graphic files. With the functional XnConvert converter, we can process hundreds of photos and pictures, specifying the processing algorithm. The algorithm itself is configured in the “Actions” tab of the program. Here you can add many processing tasks. For example, these are auto-cropping, alignment, rotation, color replacement, adding text, watermarking, blurring, sharpening, removing metadata and much more. By specifying what processing should be done on the selected files, you will be able to process all images in one fell swoop, i.e. batch.

Resizing an image

The same can be done with image sizes. It is enough to enter all the necessary parameters and get a portion of the processed graphic files of the required format at the output. If the user is specifically interested in resizing, then here you just need to find the “Image” item in the actions tab, then “Resize” and configure the output. The conversion is pretty fast, but it all depends on the capabilities of the PC itself. Using the settings, you can adjust the operation of the program and the speed of its processing, taking into account the capabilities of the hardware of the personal computer.

XnConvert Batch Image Converter

A very important feature of this application is that its functionality is very well organized and intuitive even for beginners. Batch converter XnConvert can change all available data quickly and visually. In the preview window, you can see the image before and after changes.  To organize batch processing, it is important to specify how the files will be renamed, where and how they will be saved, under what conditions, etc. This can be done in the “Output” tab. In the same tab, using the “Options” button, you can specify in what format and what quality all processed images will be saved.

XnConvert download

It is not possible to list all the features of the program here, but, truly, this is a powerful software product that can be used to quickly and efficiently change the parameters of converted graphic files. Perhaps, given the fact that this is a free application (for individual use) and at the same time cross-platform (working on Windows, MacOS and Linux), it simply has no price! Such a tool is definitely a must-have for everyone who works with graphic file formats! The XnConvert program can be downloaded from the links in the download area of the developer’s site. Keep in mind when downloading your version of the installation files for your operating system.

Powerful XnConvert Image Converter




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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