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To work with sound and audio files, you often have to use various technologies, methods, and, in particular, digital products. You can process sound files using professional and expensive software products, but if you need to make a couple of small adjustments, then in this case it is better to use special small applications. For example, the free Audio Pitch And Shift sound changer can change the tone of a voice or any other audio track beyond recognition. You can also use it to change the playback speed in the recording itself.


Surely most users know what pitch is. The higher the frequency of the sound wave, the higher the tone. By changing these characteristics, you can achieve a change in the pitch of the voice or any other sound recorded and digitized by recording programs audio. Below we will talk about a small functional program Audio Pitch And Shift, which is a convenient and free tool for shifting the tone and speed of audio files.

 Audio Pitch And Shift

Audio Pitch And Shift Sound Changer

Audio Pitch And Shift is a free program for changing the pitch and speed of audio files, developed by Fabrizio Stellato. It allows you to change the height of voices in posts audio and increase or decrease the playback speed of audio files. The program supports a wide range of audio formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC and OGG.

Basic Functions of Audio Pitch And Shift

Change the pitch and speed: the program allows you to change the pitch and speed of sound files. You can use the keys on the keyboard or the built-in tone control to change the tone. You can use the speed controller to change the speed or select one of the preset speeds.

Change the pitch of a sound

This software is very often used to transform sound beyond recognition, including voices. In this case, Audio Pitch And Shift can raise or lower the pitch level of any sound using the corresponding slider. Additional sliders can achieve other changes, including timbre. Using the buttons and sliders, you can turn on, turn off and adjust various effects. This panel is located on the right side of the program.

Change audio speed

As with the pitch level, you can control how the speed of the audio changes. Together, you can distort and adjust any audio file beyond recognition. This is very convenient, especially when it is important for the user to create an original sound file that is unlike the original. Next to the slider for changing the pitch of the sound, there is a speed control that the user can adjust to their liking.

Additional functions of the program for changing the sound

Trimping audio files: the program allows you to trim the beginning and end of audio files to remove unnecessary sections.

Export to various formats: Audio Pitch And Shift supports the export of audio files to various formats, including MP3, WAV, FLAC and OGG.

Batch processing of files: the utility allows you to process several files at the same time, which is convenient for mass processing of audio files. The application supports a large number of audio formats, which allows you to work with various types of audio files. The results of this software are high quality and allow you to achieve the desired effect of converting the tone and speed of audio files.

Despite its many advantages, Audio Pitch And Shift software does have some drawbacks. One of them is the inability to edit individual parts of an audio file, which can be inconvenient when working with long files. In addition, the program does not support automatic speech transcription, which may be necessary when processing audio files with speech.

Download Audio Pitch And Shift

In general, the digital product Audio Pitch And Shift is a convenient and free tool for transforming the tone and speed of audio files. It is suitable for both beginners and more experienced users. If you need to change the key or speed of an audio file, it is recommended that you try this program. In order to install this software and use it, you need to download it. The links are below and located in the download area.

Sorry, but the developer no longer supports this project. At the same time, the application works on the latest versions of Windows, including the 10th (it was not tested on the 11th, but it works the fastest without any problems).

Audio Pitch And Shift software


Settings Sound Changer Audio Pitch And Shift диалоговое окно в приложении Audio Pitch And Shift Advanced Audio Pitch And Shift Effect Settings



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

The developer has ended support

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