Program for creating stereo images Surface-3D-Release-2

Pictures with patterns that many people have probably seen can create three-dimensional pictures when viewed or viewed in a certain way. They used to be found on the covers of notebooks or in magazines, but today they can be found on various Internet sites. We are talking about autostereograms – pictures with hidden three-dimensional objects. And such pictures can not only be viewed, but also created. The Surface-3D-Release-2 stereo rendering program is specially designed for this purpose.

Surface-3D-Release-2 was created to simplify the process of creating stereo images. With its help, users can easily create 3D images without much experience with graphic editors. In this article, we will consider the main functions and capabilities of this program. But first, let’s figure out what autostereograms and stereo images with hidden three-dimensional figures and objects are.

Stereo images to relax your eyes

Autostereogram with hidden object

This type of 3D image is based on stereoscopic vision, namely the parallax of images seen differently by the right and left eyes.  Unlike anaglyph and other types of images, here the three-dimensional image is not immediately visible with a normal focus of vision. Only when the focus changes and the eyes relax when crossing certain sections of the patterns, a new three-dimensional picture appears. Stereo pictures for visual relaxation actually have a scientific name. These are SIRDS images.

SIRDS autostereograms

Stereo image hides 3D shapes among patterns

Stereo images with patterns that form three-dimensional objects at a certain angle and view are called SIRDS autostereograms (English abbreviation for Single Image Random Dot Stereogram). Such stereo images can hide simple and complex 3D objects in their patterns. If you look at such a picture for a long time, then sooner or later you will see three-dimensional figures. The view effect is built on the properties of vision. In most cases, this should work for everyone who does not have visual impairments and has both healthy and seeing eyes. Such pictures can be quickly found using Google by entering a query for SIRDS images or pictures. But, as mentioned above, you can create them yourself using the free Surface-3D-Release-2 program.


Program for creating stereograms Surface-3D-Release-2

Adding 3D Objects in Surface-3D-Release-2

So, in order to create an autostereogram or a SIRDS 3D stereo image, you need to run Surface-3D-Release-2. Here we will briefly review the features of the program and its functions.

After starting the program, create the first project and install one of the languages (English, German and Russian are available). Next, we create and set up a depth map in the form of a black rectangle. This rectangle is the basis of the future stereogram. For you to understand, the depth can be customized. The lighter the background and the lighter the future three-dimensional objects with their protruding elements, the closer they will be to us. Those. lighter fragments  will be in the foreground, etc. Therefore, keep this in mind for the future and customize the background to your liking using the settings.

Next, in this group of settings, we need to add three-dimensional or flat objects and also adjust their angle, scale and depth relative to the surface of the future stereo image. Three-dimensional shapes, for example, a kettle, which is in the standard set, can be rotated with the left mouse key and right to move relative to the center. Other settings are also available here, which you can easily figure out. In addition, here you can add text and any 3D objects created in other 3D editors. File formats accepted are: *.3ds, *.dxf, *.asc, *.rpl and *.s3m. These are the formats of popular programs such as AutoCAD, 3DS Max, etc. Any 3D shapes in these formats can be downloaded from the Internet or created by yourself.

The next step in the settings will be the selection of textures. A future image is formed from them, which will hide three-dimensional objects in its patterns. Textures can be created from simple dots, gradient dots and uploaded images . Please note that images are only accepted in *.jpg, *.bmp, *.pcx and *.tga formats. With the help of fine adjustments, you can achieve the desired result.

The last step is to create a stereo image. Press F9 or select the Render Stereogram tab from the menu. After a pre-created picture, you can work with the previous settings, achieving the best effect. Also here, with the help of additional settings, you can add a stereogram frame, put text on the surface of the image and add a hint picture to help.

After playing with the settings, you can master all sorts of functions, settings and other nuances. This will help to create real masterpieces of SIRDS stereo images

Download program for creating stereo images

Surface-3D-Release-2 is a powerful 3D hidden-in-pattern software that allows you to create high-quality and realistic 3D images. With its help, users can create various types of stereograms, adjust image parameters and save them in various file formats. In order to use it, you need to download the program for creating stereo images from the links in the download area and install it on your PC. The program has been out of support for a long time, but at the time of publication it works on Windows 10 without any problems. Not tested on Windows 11, but it will work the fastest.

Program for creating stereo images Surface-3D-Release-2




Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

The developer no longer supports this project.

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