Program for knitting patterns Knit Design Studio

There are many areas where a creative person can realize himself. To create something, especially from the heart, is always good. This is also the case in working with woolen threads, in particular with knitting. To help such people, an absolutely free program for knitting patterns Knit Design Studio was developed. With it, you can create a unique pattern of lace pattern.

Most users are looking for a program with which to create knitting patterns. Just the Knit Design Studio program is a handy tool for designers who need to create a loop layout for any method. You can also set the shape of the product and other parameters by entering additional instructions while editing the picture.

Knitting and crochet program

Based on the program for creating knitting patterns Knit Design Studio, you can build a loop pattern for both knitting needles and a hook. A convenient program menu and interface will allow you to quickly get used to it. And in the next few minutes, the user will be able to create unique patterns himself, using all the necessary buttons to create a knitting pattern. As in many other applications, the entire history of the creation of the circuit is recorded step by step. That is, if you need to return to a previous state, you can always rollback a few steps back. The workspace consists of cells, like in a notebook for mathematics, into which you can insert elements presented in the panel in the form of schematic parts of a pattern. You can create a drawing on the fly.

The completed knitting pattern can be saved as a file with the possibility of subsequent editing and printed on a printer. An already printed version of the scheme, in fact, can be taken and knitted according to it, for example, a real lace pattern, a scarf or a full-fledged sweater. However, you can do whatever your heart desires with the program. Moreover, you can always make adjustments to the file and correct errors.

Download knitting program

The Knit Design Studio knitting program is available from the links below in the downloads area. Choose the latest version, download to your PC. Then unpack the installation files from the archive and start the installation. At the end, you will get a shortcut to launch the program. Launch the application using a shortcut or an exe file. Once launched, you can use the free Knit Design Studio knitting program for the benefit of your creative ideas.

Program for knitting patterns Knit Design Studio


Program for knitting patterns Knit Design Studio Knit Design Studio



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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