Program for reading djvu. Download WinDjView

There are several file formats that store text and graphic elements in a compressed state. Such files are very convenient to store and read electronically. They do not take up much space and contain everything you need. One such file format is djvu. It is quite popular and many books are stored on the Internet in it. A logical question arises: how to open such files? A special djvu reader is required. Downloading WinDjView means solving the problem of reading such files. Of course, many formats may not be supported by the standard tools of the operating system on which the user is trying to open this file. Just special programs designed specifically for such purposes will best solve this problem.

Free djvu reader

 Program for reading djvu files WinDjView

As mentioned above, the free WinDjView djvu reader is specially designed for the Windows operating system. And its functional clone that runs on MacOS is called MacDjView. Both programs perform the same tasks. This open source software is distributed free of charge. The app is able to open djvu with swipe, scroll and zoom capability.

Djvu Reader

WinDjView Control Panel

Functionally djvu reader WinDjView has a set of tools and settings . In the control panel of the application, you can customize the display, scale and change of text and images. You can also change the display of the text, i.e. vertically or horizontally. The selected text fragment can always be saved in the formats: jpg, bmp, png, gif and tif, and also added to Bookmarks. What can be a reader if there is no way to organize a library? In our case, WinDjView and MacDjView have built-in search, convenient bookmark storage and e-book content browsing. Scrolling is carried out with arrows indicating the page or through the side menu with the choice of the desired thumbnail. Overall, the program is easy to use. At the same time, it has all the necessary tools to read and view djvu files.

Download djvu

Here, using the links below, leading to the developer’s official page, you can download the djvu program – WinDjView and MacDjView, depending on your operating system. After downloading, install the application on your PC and run it. Now you can open any text-graphic file in djvu-format and read it on the screen of your electronic device based on Windows or MacOS operating systems.

Djvu reader. Download WinDjView


WinDjView SidebarWinDjView display settingsWinDjView General Settings Window



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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