Program to bypass blocking. Freegate

All over the world, it just so happens that the policy of a state or an enterprise does not allow you to use certain Internet resources, for example, go to all sites in a row. These restrictions are very annoying. It’s unfortunate, but some Internet sites can be blocked at the state level, by the provider’s network, or by the office system administrator. In any case, this is inconvenient, since access to a group of sites is simply closed for various reasons. To do this, you need some kind of program to bypass the lock. And what to do in such an unpleasant situation? Take advantage of this find! Freegate is an anti-censorship program.

Site blocking bypass

The algorithm of this utility provides fast and secure access to the global Internet. DIT (or Dynamic Internet Technology Inc.) is a pioneer in this direction. Thanks to it, you can bypass all blockages and enter the Internet bypassing the blocking of sites or the so-called network censorship. Thanks to Freegate, the user can access all blocked international sites as quickly as his own, local and allowed to view and read.

The Freegate lock bypass program is ready to use as it is. Changes to any additional system settings are not required at all. As they say, “use it as it is.”

What’s New in Freegate Technologies? The program itself connects to the anti-censorship network backbone, namely DynaWeb. In a word, this is a DIT proxy network system, very similar in algorithms to working with P2P networks. With the development and release of the program, starting from version 6.33, encryption and compression algorithms have become even higher and better. That is, the protection has grown. The speed has increased significantly, which made the software product in question even more valuable!

Download a program to bypass blocking sites

In order to download the program to bypass the blocking of Freegate sites, you need to use the links to download to your PC. The small program can be downloaded in two formats: *exe and *zip (common archive). It’s a matter of choice, to whom and how it will be convenient. After downloading, the program must be unpacked and installed on your personal computer and run the EXE executable file. It’s all. The program will open a new way to the Internet bypassing all prohibitions. Use it to your advantage!

Program to bypass blocking. Freegate


Freegate lock bypass program



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).


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