Program to change file creation date NewFileTime

It doesn’t matter, whatever the user’s motives, but often there are tasks of changing the date and time of the creation of a file. Naturally, this can be done using the standard features of the Windows operating system. As a rule, you don’t want to keep such instructions in your head, and there’s no point for those who resort to this several times a year. Just for this purpose, simple third-party software is suitable. For example, a program to change the creation date of a file NewFileTime. This is a free utility that will quickly change the creation information of a file in seconds!

Change file creation date

File metadata when a file is created has important information, including creation date and publication date. In order to influence the change in the date of creation of the file, namely, to edit this data, it is necessary to use special tools. As mentioned above, for example, this can be done with built-in Windows features or third-party software.

In the case of Windows, it is necessary to carry out several sequential actions related to files and the system. If it is short, then first you will need to disable automatic date and time changes through the settings and system parameters. Then change the date and time itself and save. After that, open the file itself with a program that can work with this type of format and inside resave a copy of file. After that, you need to delete the original and return the date and time of the system to its original position through the settings. The big disadvantage of this approach is a big loss of time and inconvenience.

Another way is third party software. Yes, there are special programs and universal ones, such as Total Commander. In our case, we will talk about a specialized free program for changing the creation date of a file NewFileTime

Program to change file creation date

The simple free utility NewFileTime is able to solve a narrow task in our case, namely to change the date and time the file was created, as well as the time when it was last modified and last opened. All this is done from the application’s control panel. This will take no more than one minute.

Change file creation date with NewFileTime

After running the program downloaded to the PC, we can change the file creation date using NewFileTime and its built-in tools. File creation date settings occur in special windows with the possibility of pre-saving. Inside the application, the technology of dragging files (drag-and-drop) is implemented. Just drag and drop the file to edit. In addition, the application allows you to modify entire folders with nested files. The Import tool allows you to customize folders and subfolders, as well as the files in them with the dates they were modified, edited, and last opened.

NewFileTime download

This free program is portable, so you can open it from any source, such as a flash drive or disk. The utility supports many languages and does not take up much space. To work with the NewFileTime program, it is enough to download it to a PC and run it. Download links leading to the official developer page are listed in the Downloads section. Use them and run. That’s all. Such a tool should be in the set of useful tools of any PC user running on Windows.

Program to change file creation date NewFileTime


NewFileTime - edit the file date and create a new one NewFileTime - drag-and-drop NewFileTime - export to txt NewFileTime - working with dates and saving Program to change file creation date NewFileTime



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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