PS Hot Launch VVL Hotkey Program

Those users of personal computers and laptops who have been working on the Windows platform for a long time know about the combination and pressing of several keys that speed up some processes. For example, “Ctrl + V” and “Ctrl + C” allow you to copy information and paste. Those. This is work with the clipboard using “hot keys”. There are many more such combinations in the standard Windows view, but many do not know about them or do not use them. But, some users have long had a desire to use their unique combination of several keys pressed to trigger certain actions or effects. This effect cannot be quickly achieved by standard means, therefore it is easier and more correct to use third-party utilities and applications that allow you to program a combination of keyboard buttons. Among them there is an absolutely free utility for such purposes! This is a PS Hot Launch VVL hotkey program. It will be discussed below.

Program for Windows hotkeys

Of course, the tiny PS Hot Launch VVL program runs under the Windows operating system environment. She is able to make the keys work more efficiently. The combination of keys pressed can be absolutely anything and cause a wide variety of effects and actions. The Windows hotkey program has an intuitive menu. With it, you can set the necessary combinations and actions.

PS Hot Launch VVL Hotkey Tool

So, this utility is designed to quickly launch various programs, as well as open folders and documents, navigate to web pages, send e-mail, and more. All operations can be configured through the program menu to create hot keys PS Hot Launch VVL. The installed and running application will hang in the tray. The menu can be called by clicking on the tray icon and filling the hierarchical tree with actions and keyboard shortcuts. Support for the “Win” key expands the possible keyboard shortcuts and increases the number of possible triggered actions.

The structure of the action tree can be maintained in any way you like. This is useful for maintaining executable commands. By hierarchical tree you can easily find the right command and use it. You can combine absolutely all keys in combinations with auxiliary “Shift”, “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Win” 2-3 pieces at a time.

Download PS Hot Launch VVL hotkeys program

The free utility works in almost all versions of the Windows operating system, from 95 to 11 (exactly tested on 10, but will work on the latest, 11th). This is a great alternative to the standard menu button capabilities “Start” and Taskbars. You can download the PS Hot Launch VVL hotkey program from the links leading to the developer’s official page indicated in the download area. Download the application, install it on your PC and customize the commands to suit your needs. If for some reason the application does not work correctly or does not start, try starting it in compatibility mode for earlier versions of Windows.

PS Hot Launch VVL hotkey program


PS Hot Launch VVL Hotkey Program



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

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