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Computer games have become one of the components of our lives. Generations of the third millennium no longer imagine themselves not associated with a PC, various devices and digital technology. Today, some real board games are transferred and cloned in the virtual space. Now some games such as Lego, Monopoly and various jigsaw puzzles can be played on a computer or smartphone. And, since we have touched on the topic of puzzles, there are not so many puzzle games on the PC. Some of them are implemented as browser versions that can only be played with Internet access. Some games require the purchase of a license and are distributed on a paid basis. But there are also free ones! The Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection is a free application that can be run on various platforms including Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Puzzles on PC

Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection

As a rule, all computer games are controlled by the mouse and keyboard. Puzzles on the PC can also be laid out by dragging pieces around the playing field in order to create a whole picture. This is a kind of mosaic.  In our case, thanks to the Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection, you can play puzzles, creating them, collecting them from any photos and images that are among the computer files. Those. this game completely simulates the game of real puzzles, only on the screen of a computer monitor.

What is Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection? This is a program written in Java, so you must have this language pre-installed on your device (from the Oracle Java source). Thus, the program can be run on any Java-enabled device. There is information online on how to install language support on a custom operating system, such as macOS or Linux. When starting the game, we must select and create our first puzzle through the control panel. To do this, you need to go through the process of generating puzzles from a single image.

Play free puzzles

In order to play free Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection puzzles, you need to download the executable file: puzzlegames.jar. If you were unable to run it on your PC, you will need to install Java support from the official website: https://www.oracle.com/java

To create and launch a new game, you need to press the Menu button, select New and go to generation. The user will see the puzzle settings panel, which consists of several positions.

First is choice images. By clicking on this field, you will see several embedded photos and a button to select any graphic file to create a future mosaic.

Second – the choice of the type of puzzle. There are 3 options here. The upper option is Classic Puzzles with cutting the image into pieces and with the possibility of their subsequent folding into a single picture. The middle version is a game of 15 with moving rectangles to create the original look of the picture. The lower, Hexagon, is a variant with flipping and moving the hexagonal pieces around to restore the whole image.

Third – select the shape of the whole image.

The last item is the choice of the number of pieces to cut (maximum 256). Select the desired quantity and click OK. All. On this, puzzles will be formed and the image will be cut into the specified number of elements.

Puzzle game

Managing elements is quite simple. Drag the puzzles with the mouse cursor to the right place, connecting the attachment points according to the picture. To rotate an element in combination with a mouse click, press the right arrow key on your keyboard. The puzzle will rotate around its axis as long as the keys are held down. After selecting the desired angle, release the keys. In the case of a hexagon and “tags”, here the movement is carried out by hovering over the element and clicking the left mouse button. As soon as the picture is folded, the Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection puzzle game can be considered completed.

You can lay out up to 3 puzzles at the same time, which can be done by switching between layers. A preview of the whole picture can be called up by pressing the “P” key on the English layout, or by selecting the appropriate menu item. You can also choose any of the background options available in the palette.

Palette for selecting background color in Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection

Download puzzle game

In order to use the free Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection program, you need to download it from the official resource to your PC and save it. Download the puzzle game from the download links that are in the download area. The program does not require installation, only Java support!

The game develops logical thinking, attentiveness and memory. Therefore, it fits like for kids and adults! Good luck, friends!

Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection


Puzzles are ready to be assembled in Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection Assembled puzzles in Virtual Toybox Puzzle Games Collection



Here you can download files to install and run the program, as well as go to the developer’s main website (if it is currently supported).

Developer: http://www.virtualtoybox.org/

The game is not supported by the developer at the time of the review, the site is not active.

Below is the link to the latest release.

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